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This is very nearly in brand new condition, plastic just taken off a couple weeks ago.  Priced cheaper than anyone ever has for quick sale, pics upon request.   Free shipping in CONUS, price does not include paypal fees if applicable.
I had a similar experience with the original LAu loaner.  When I turned it all the way up, no headphones plugged in, put my ear real close to the amp... I could hear Pavarotti!
Happens to me all the time at work that I send an email and don't get a response or that I respond and hear nothing back... I always follow up a couple days later just in case.  If it happens multiple times with the same person, that's when I start to see them as unreliable.  This just seems like an isolated incident (whatever the cause.)     It is also promising that the only time you didn't hear back was before he took your money.  The cottage companies on HF with...
Any more info/links on this amp?  Looks great, fits the look of the HP-2 so well.
Hopefully more info available after the NY meet in November.
Impedance matching is only one piece of the equation. (Even there, 50ohm output impedance falls far short of 1:10 or 1:8 suggested ratios.) Unless the sensitivity is high (like LCD-XC or higher) the L-2 will most likely be unable to drive it to its full capability with the current it puts out.   There is a more powerful (also more expensive) ECP amp coming that will most likely be much more well suited to the planar posse.   The real issue with a 1200 ohm headphone is...
Liquid Glass can be rolled for different signatures.  LCD-3 already lean warm, so your amp may not need that much warmth added (though a nice NOS tube does the trick, especially with mid-bass bloom.)  The Glass and the Liquid Fire are not really on the same plain in my humble opinion, and I (in addition to several other users I know) prefer its abilities to even the Liquid Gold.
Apex Vertex
Eaglejo took his down but there is another member selling a great one of these with PX4's and 300B's, here's his username:
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