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For sale is a PWD MKii (MKi upgraded to MKii, which is said to sound better than those that shipped as an MKii).  This unit has a bit of history behind it and has been prominently featured on many DAC comparisons.  Comes in original box with power cord and USB cable.  Please note the top plate, they can scratch super easily.
For sale are my last pair of Stax.  I've gone through a few pairs of 007's and a couple 009's over the years, and this last pair has been with me about a year paired with my DIYT2.   Price includes shipping but not paypal fees.  I've priced it here as the headband is a bit floppy which means it could stand to be replaced if one were to find it annoying.
Remains my favorite Cavalli amp to this day.
Tubes look an awful lot like JJ 6922 - > Fostex Branded 5U4G -> Fostex Branded KT88
Why is the HD700 selling for $500?  When it was released, they made the mistake of doing a beta run.  They subsequently had a smear campaign orchestrated against them by a cunning group of malcontents who wanted to see if they could kill a product.  They coordinated opinions to systematically bring down the headphone and Sennheiser has payed for that the last few years.  Luckily, these rabble-rousers have since mostly been relegated to murkier corners of the internet where...
Seems pretty fancy.  Almost as fancy as the pillowcase company they took the abandoned trademark from:  
Doug felt there weren't enough blue amps out there to compete with Donald North.   I am excited about this amp as it replaces the LM317's with Jung super regulators.  I have heard the BD responds very favorably to this (pricey) tweak with Bellesons, so I am hopeful it would really help the DSHA as well.  The short of it is more drive and a better PS.  Not sure of cost / final chassis.  
Used for a couple hours.  Features galore, but prefer my bigger rigs for sound.
Sorry for miscommunion, I speaking Slovenly,  (English as sex and language.)  R2R is like ramp, see diagram:  No strares steps here, is steep ramp parts we watch (see tape, angle).  This is missing many small "steppings tones" t,hat are challenged listener.  Overly smooth sound, like airbursh celebritory on mangazine.   For contrasting, see record, so many groovings, every frequentcy is reprersent, this is true aurdinophile and sterps are reason why!
New Posts  All Forums: