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Congrats on the acquisition, you were searching for this quite a long time.   To answer the previous poster, the spaciousness is a little better on the L-2, while the BD has less width in my experience, although the BD has better presence (by which I mean attack and immediacy) than the L-2.  On detail it would depend on the headphone, I personally enjoy the presentation of the BD and am less detail focused than in the past (same answer I would give to the MSB Analog...
That is good news for us backers.  Listening to some tunes in the shower, my flatmate tried dissing it while I was squeezing out my luffa.  I just turnip the music and tuned them out, didn't want their blood on my hands. 
Yeah, Lil Knight took off with about ~15K in T2 money as well (1.5 of it was mine.)  But no one ever thought he was on SWA's list to start.  Some say he was ripped off by the Chinese who demanded all the money up front and then never delivered.  I don't know if that's true, but in either case I would never knowingly get involved with him again.
Good things come to those who wait.
I was going to entertain getting your product, but now it is too expensive.  I can think about getting the other product for cheaper.  
Just bought these direct from Beyerdynamic, I took a chance on a demo pair.  Still not my cup of tea.  This is quite the price (I think, I'm out of the deals game these days.)  Free shipping to CONUS, you pay fees if applicable.   Pictures available upon request, headphone has a few creases, I'm not sure if that's how they always come or that's what makes it "demo."
Try Corey at   (head-fi member fishski13)   He may be burnt out on these builds and not taking new ones, but its worth a shot (especially if you can get the boards.)
On the one hand, I see their point as a generality, and it is one reason so many hifi brick and mortars have shuttered their doors in the last decade (take a look at hifihouse's recent multimillion dollar foreclosure as an example.)  However, all these headphone models have numerous reviews online, and anyone already reading blogs or online reviews will do an internet search anyways.  So in a practical sense, anyone reading what you write will not make much impact on their...
Considering you have soundlabs, I'd scrap the T1 and get a 009 and TOTL amp for it.  Also a stat that can kick.  Even if you want to stay with conventional models, I would highly consider a different model than the T1 before upgrading to a top amp (T1 is not on the level of most of the current crop of flagships, especially if you're considering PRAT.)  If you insist on using the T1, keep in mind its funky impedance/frequency curve - you may get better kick with an...
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