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Use low, I believe it is the same as the LF at 45k.
My deepest condolences.  I cannot conceive of the grief you must be going through and hope you have only happy occasions in the future.  
There have been issues lately with the tubes.  In fact, their main dealers/distributors in the US all stopped carrying them due to the rate of DOA tubes they were getting.  I bought three pairs each separated by about a year and a half, the last pair was simply deplorable and went straight back to the seller.  
I am running a Pinnacle as well.  Info on the EML is from Jac himself.  I originally inquired with him about the AVVT PX4M, but he convinced me to just wait for the EML as they are supposed to be superb and have a good warranty to boot.   The PX4 is a special tube no doubt, the only one that maybe edges it out for me is the 2A3's on my Moth.
Also having similar issue.  Keeps telling me I have one new/unread message as well, tried to delete it and be gone forever but keeps coming back.
Yes, the Tari mod has very good application to the HD700.   Here is a frequency response graph, original right and left channels in red/green, with Tari mod applied in blue:     Pretty much flat until 4K point when it begins a gentle downward slope. This mod is not for the faint of heart or those who easily suffer acid reflux though.
I'd also keep in mind the EML PX4 which are releasing in Feb.
This is a 24 hour sale.  Just bought on special for $4799, saver major instant savings, this will be cheaper than an Abyss Lite!  After 24 hours this classified goes away, and if I re-list it will be for more.  This is on its way from JPS now, will re-route without even opening the box.
This headphone has not even been delivered to my door yet, I got a great one-time deal at $4799, get major instant savings.  On its way from JPS.  This is a two hour sale, after which I keep it.
Called Sennheiser.  Not true and they are covered under warranty.  It is eminently possible that a company that sells major volume is dealt with in a more deferential fashion, no matter how much of a bulldog-like reputation Sennheiser has with its dealers.
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