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Unfortunately, JAAP doesn't support aptx. This is what Teo wrote in the comments on kickstarter: JAAP do not have APTX support. This is due to the cost of implementing the technology in this form factor. We wanted to keep this product affordable for the masses. During our testing, we find that the APTX might no necessary improve on the sound. I am linking the following article for your reference which explains how APTX might not necessary improve sound quality:...
How does sound quality compare between Chromecast audio and bluetooth AptX? Does Chromecast Audio work at all without wifi?  Can it stream directly with a phone, without a wifi router?
Just saw this, seems cool.  Is headphone/portable technology really ready for it?   The driver seems tiny in the mockup.  Wonder if it's BA.
When using bluetooth, I hear a slight beeping on the right ear, immediately after turning off noise cancellation.  But it only lasts a few seconds.
Cool mod & nice descriptions!
How does westone ADV Alpha compare with W3 soundwise?
selected Senn headphones rebate, until 4/30/2014, if purchased at authorized dealer:
Which lifeproof cable is that? The one for iphone5?
Harman Kardon CL Precision On-Ear Headphones with Extended Bass $65
Anyone know if there's any difference in durability between M6P and S6P?
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