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How does sound quality compare between Chromecast audio and bluetooth AptX? Does Chromecast Audio work at all without wifi?  Can it stream directly with a phone, without a wifi router?
Just saw this, seems cool.  Is headphone/portable technology really ready for it?   The driver seems tiny in the mockup.  Wonder if it's BA.
When using bluetooth, I hear a slight beeping on the right ear, immediately after turning off noise cancellation.  But it only lasts a few seconds.
Cool mod & nice descriptions!
How does westone ADV Alpha compare with W3 soundwise?
selected Senn headphones rebate, until 4/30/2014, if purchased at authorized dealer:
Which lifeproof cable is that? The one for iphone5?
Harman Kardon CL Precision On-Ear Headphones with Extended Bass $65
Anyone know if there's any difference in durability between M6P and S6P?
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