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Hello guys.. my UM3x just got one ear side almost dead overnight. Has this happened to anyone else? Warranty is gonna be a pain in the as* for me, as i'm not US resident.    edit   Is there anyway to remove the filter that's inside the IEM's "canal"? It must be something blocking the way out of the sound.     If I i get the circled area of this picture to my ears, they sound equally the same, if I try the correct way, the IEM of the right is almost...
I can't listem to classical music with UM3X and Comply Foams, highs are rolled off and the instruments sounds crowded. It definitely improves with other tips
If they are completely dry(very important), and the same as before, they're good to go.
How would you guys rate the UM3X with metal? Like Metallica, Megadeth, as they are my main genre, besides the ones i already read that are good with the um3x... Also, if i could be more specific, how bass behaves with songs like And justice for All(love the drums/impact in this CD), and the harshness with albuns like Ride the Lightning(Creeping Death specially)?
Any chances these are fakes? New Sennheiser IE8 Headphones on eBay (end time 06-Feb-10 12:03:56 GMT)
How does the ck10 performs with metal songs? They look good, but I have a ck7, and it's just awful, they sound like distorted tweeters, and very VERY harsh, also bass light after burn-in(or blow-up-in), i certainly would not want to make another mistake like
what about pfe's with fiio e5 ? heard their bass improves from the fiio e5 or black filters dunno if the sound signature could fit metal though the yuin pk1 also got my attention
i'm interested on the phonak's are they really new? where u from? can you ship internationally? if so, what payment methods? i tryed sending you a PM, but ur box is full
Quote: Originally Posted by chinesekiwi Telling you..the FX-500's..... Some people rate the FX-500 better than the IE8 and it's soundstage and bass is better than the IE8. i read some reports that the victor's are kinda harsh :x
A Tout le Monde - Megadeth
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