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So, I got a serious doubt regarding "upgrades" over here... Currently I have Sansa Clip+ + UM3x and was considering an upgrade with the following options:   Westone / Cowon J3 or Sony equivalent   or   Sansa Clip+ / SM3   I gotta say I love the UM3x, but indeed it does have a small sound-stage, I also like it's clarity, but sometimes I think it's too much with older/brighter recordings. Could be more forgiving perhaps. What frightens me is how veiled...
I have read about the Beyerdynamics, but the 600ohm versions(the good ones) exceed my budget, and the 250/32 seems not to be so good. Plus, I read few reports that they could be sibilant.   I'll try to be more specific, I need something that sounds warm(NOT overly) and thick/fuller, don't need too much details as I'm sensitive to sibilance. Needs to be forgiving for old Metal record's, I need an headphone that doesn't sound too "metallic" with, being more...
Are the DT990 easy to drive?
HD600 and a AMP would easily excel my budget. I got a Fiio E5 that I don't use, but I don't think that's a real amp hehe.
I read the the DT880's could have sibilance.
  Nop, I mean headphone, as of can, not IEM hehe.
What would you ppl say is the Headphone equivalent of the um3x? I'm looking for something with bigger sound-stage and more bass quantity than the Westone, also, kind of easy to drive, as I'll only use it from my PC.
So, I'll compare my needs to a IEM, a Westone um3x, due to the fact that I never had a headphone worth mentioning =p.   I need something easy(kinda of) to drive, as my main source will be my PC with a Creative X-fi.   What I feel like I'm missing from my UM3X:   - More bass, quantity/impact; - I miss a little more highs, but actually, I only miss on classical music(violin, piano); - And a wider sound-stage;   I wish to keep:   - The mids; - The...
Hello guys.. my UM3x just got one ear side almost dead overnight. Has this happened to anyone else? Warranty is gonna be a pain in the as* for me, as i'm not US resident.    edit   Is there anyway to remove the filter that's inside the IEM's "canal"? It must be something blocking the way out of the sound.     If I i get the circled area of this picture to my ears, they sound equally the same, if I try the correct way, the IEM of the right is almost...
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