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I've heard good things about the S:FLO, mainly about the line-out, but I don't know about the headphones out though, I also don't intend on buying an AMP anytime soon.
So, I got a serious doubt regarding "upgrades" over here... Currently I have Sansa Clip+ + UM3x and was considering an upgrade with the following options:   Westone / Cowon J3 or Sony equivalent   or   Sansa Clip+ / SM3   I gotta say I love the UM3x, but indeed it does have a small sound-stage, I also like it's clarity, but sometimes I think it's too much with older/brighter recordings. Could be more forgiving perhaps. What frightens me is how veiled...
I have read about the Beyerdynamics, but the 600ohm versions(the good ones) exceed my budget, and the 250/32 seems not to be so good. Plus, I read few reports that they could be sibilant.   I'll try to be more specific, I need something that sounds warm(NOT overly) and thick/fuller, don't need too much details as I'm sensitive to sibilance. Needs to be forgiving for old Metal record's, I need an headphone that doesn't sound too "metallic" with, being more...
Are the DT990 easy to drive?
HD600 and a AMP would easily excel my budget. I got a Fiio E5 that I don't use, but I don't think that's a real amp hehe.
I read the the DT880's could have sibilance.
  Nop, I mean headphone, as of can, not IEM hehe.
What would you ppl say is the Headphone equivalent of the um3x? I'm looking for something with bigger sound-stage and more bass quantity than the Westone, also, kind of easy to drive, as I'll only use it from my PC.
So, I'll compare my needs to a IEM, a Westone um3x, due to the fact that I never had a headphone worth mentioning =p.   I need something easy(kinda of) to drive, as my main source will be my PC with a Creative X-fi.   What I feel like I'm missing from my UM3X:   - More bass, quantity/impact; - I miss a little more highs, but actually, I only miss on classical music(violin, piano); - And a wider sound-stage;   I wish to keep:   - The mids; - The...
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