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Westone UM3X   Speed: 11/11 I-S: 5/5   Earsonics SM3   Speed: 8/11 I-S 5/5   Guitars definitely sounds better on um3x, more details and aggressivenes, edgy, as opposed to the SM3 which sounds too smooth tbh.
Do they have sound balance control?
Just received my SM3s today... They're awesome    Just what I expected coming from the um3x, wanted something less aggressive(the veil they mention, which to me, sounds just natural tbh) and a larger sound-stage, which is not big, but the um3x is really claustrophobic. The highs are right in the spot, as I am really sensitive to them. In the bass department, they're most likely the same really, perhaps little less quantity on the SM3.     Man, they sounded...
I've just received a SM3, and compared to the um3x, I'm not very impressed in the bass department, they're about the same. Need more listening though...
Is there any way to control L/R balance with any of the iPods/iPhone?
Thx for the reply. About the SM3, I can sell the um3x here(Brazil) or the SM3 if I don't like, so I would be even afterall. Now about the J3, I really like the battery life, portability, storage, UI and no pre-order(:x), but the s:flo2 has such a hype, it makes me wonder. I guess in the long term I would be happier with the J3 UI and extras, and maybe even an amp in the future...
Did you try cleaning them?
Great, ty. Also, how do you compare SQ between Sansa Clip and the J3? I have a Clip right now, but the screen is failing, so I'll need to replace soon.
Anyone who has the SM3 + Cowon J3(or any cowon), how does the bass roll-off affect SQ?  I'm planning on either J3 or S:Flo2+amp.
So, I currently have a um3x and a Rockboxed Sansa Clip+ which unfortunately is dying(screen fails sometimes).   Some players that got my attention:   Cowon J3: would've been perfect, if not for the bass roll-off with low ohms IEMs, as I plan on getting an SM3    S:FLO 2 + AMP: I've seen diverged opinions and RMAA tests on the S:FLO 2, not to mention it seems like a very problematic player   Another Sansa Clip/Fuze + Headstage Arrow 12HE 2G: definitely...
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