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I find it hard to believe that the SM3 are flawed compared to the um3x.
Shure's are definitely not what he's looking for(too much treble and mid-range), neither is um3x(has less sound-stage, more bass, bit more mid-range and treble). I'd recommend trying new tips however, but both IEMs above are more mid-centric than the SM3.   There's this thread reviewing all of them plus ck100:  
Recessed treble and neutral rest... I really can't stand too much treble.
Earsonics SM3 > Westone um3x >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Audio-Technica CK7. Just couldn't stand those ck7... horrible.
I have them both(SM3 and UM3X), for metal, I much prefer the SM3, bass is much faster/tighter, but not as deep though, and less quantity, their mids are less aggressive and have a better sound-stage. Their main differences are the sound-stage, and the treble(SM3 is really natural and refined), and I also had the feeling that the um3x sounded congested, even before I had the sm3.   Since I received my SM3, I just can't stop listening to Metallica/Megadeth again, specially...
Answered inside the quote.  
That's pretty common in the cables, Westones also have the same issue, I have that on both um3x and sm3.
I couldn't say sm3 is better than um3x, just different, tops.   Whats better on um3x than sm3:   - More bass impact - More detailed  - Superior clarity - Better instrument separation   Whats better on sm3 than um3x:   - Less bass quantity/faster - Really smooth and more forgiving, but sometimes I feel guitars/drums lack aggressiveness - Bigger sound-stage/imaging - Don't sound congested - Great treble   If only the bass on the sm3 didn't...
I tried every single-tip on the sm3 and couldn't get deeper bass or more quantity on the sm3 than um3x. um3x definitely has more impact, by quite a margin.  
sm3 and em3 are differente drivers, I think it's the same for es3x too, not sure though.
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