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My title sounds confusing, but the thing is: I need a software that allows me to equalize each channel separately and save it, as I do most of my listening through portable player/devices.       I'll probably be using this to rip every single song I have, since my ears are quite unbalanced, and volume balance(been using rockbox) just doesn't cut it(my right ear hears the bass louder, and the left, it's the vocals). The difference between my ears aren't huge,...
I have, actually, tri-flanges. bi-flanges, the Westone fit kit, Complys and even the Monster triple flange modded which comes with a few more... ^^
I've had the feeling that the SM3s sounded too warm and thick some time ago, but it has just gone away. I remember I would get pissed hearing some Eric Clapton and Clearwater songs, but that has just gone away, now I like  the stock tips even more, which I though to be too warm by the first weeks.
Does this player have balance control?
I've noticed some weird channel imbalance recently, I normally have to increase something like +5~8% volume to my left ear, it's fine. But I realized that as I turn up the volume, the balance also changes, could this be a bug of the Rockbox or Fuze failing to drive the SM3? I'll try some further testing later.
Yup, they're really annoying, I've tried different cores too, but they are all as uncomfortable as the others. What I do is simply put them with ease in my ears(couple of tries), not trying too deep or to get the perfect seal, otherwise they will start itching in a few minutes, it's been working so far, SQ is excellent ^^  
ZHD with the HJE900.
I'm using that mod, but instead of shure olives, I'm using the Comply Tips cores, which comes along with the SM3. Works great btw.       I don't have my camera on me right now, so I'll just use my cellphone's one.    
If I were to buy a headphone, full-size(not IEM), what should I be looking for? Something that sounds like the SM3, and same or less treble.
Wow, you made up your mind with all these IEM's in about half a day? That's not even enough for me to try different tips on.
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