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I got curious now, I see the E9 and the Xonar Essence STX share the same amplifier chip:       So, could I suppose they both offer the same driving ability and quality for headphones? With the advantage of the Fiio being transportable, and the Essence having the edge in the gaming effects section? If so, the Essence is quite an audiophile card right? 
I don`t see the SM3 being more bass-heavy than um3x, if any, SM3's bass is actually faster than um3x.  
Which headphones (not IEM) sounds like the SM3? I`m looking for something in the U$200~400 range.
  I chose to sell the UM3X mainly due to the smaller and constricted sound-stage, otherwise they sound very similar, not worth mentioning details, because I feel that describing in words makes their differences much more apparent than they really are. But as the Pianist said: I just see myself enjoying a wider variety of genres with the SM3 than with the UM3X.
Audio-Technica CK7, decent bass, really thin mids, and some really really really huge treble/mid treble peak.... 
They're both great, I miss the UM3X general dryness and instrument separation(which is excellent), but I kept the SM3 for it's sound-stage and faster/tighter bass(it can go as deep as UM3X, but only on loud volumes =\), and also better overall treble. I like both of their treble, they're not energetic, but it's not gonna be lacking any of it with the right tip.  
Wow, bright and distant vocals? TF 10 on steroids for highs? I think we've heard different UM3Xs then.   ps, I don't think you are allowed to trade items in this section of the forum...
What tips were you using?   Anyways, even though I couldn't agree more with your description, I really enjoyed the UM3X, it took me a while to let go of it after the SM3 arrival.
I don't think the um3x is less bassier than the SM3, but the SM3 does have some extra low-mids.  
I need to equalize(change frequencies on each channel differently, modifying the file), Rockbox offers only volume control, which doesn't solve my problem. I tried Audacity, but it has only volume control too.
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