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I dont think so, since the normal SM3 are quite cheaper than the V2.   Anyways, I'll probably be trying to upgrade mine, since they need repair(fell apart 2 months ago, but I've been using anyway).    
You did right not to try them before drying them first, otherwise, great chances that they wouldn't be same anymore.    
What would you call the most neutral heaphone today? Something around 200~400 USD, perhaps a little less than neutral highs.
Thanks, that is very useful. I'm leaning towards the HD650 since I do get tired quite fast with bright-ish headphones.
Could you give some comparisons between the SM3 x k702 and HD650 ? I'm planning on going for headphones, and they're top in my list.
I've had both for nearly 3 months until I decided to sell the UM3X. The bottom line was basically the sound-stage. While I could enjoy UM3X dryer and more pronouced mids, it was also what dragged me away. It was the feeling of everything being so close to you, after listening to Metallica's S&M with the SM3, it was easy to point out the flaws with the UM3X. Besides that, I do believe the SM3 has the edge on the highs with the right tip, and the bass is at least...
This is what you should do:   Take the Comply Foam`s "core" off the foam(left of the picture) Place the Comply Foam`s core into the the new tip(right of the picture ) Place your new modded tip into the SM3            
Would the Xonar pair well with an AKG k701?
I`m looking for an easy on the ears headphone, smooth and non-fatiguing treble, with decent bass(not overwhelming) and details. I do prefer if it had more pronounced mids actually, or at least not recessed. Basically looking for something that sounds like the Westone UM3X and Earsonics SM3(yes, I`m coming from the IEM section).  Budget: 200~400, I`ll be getting an amp afterwards.
And also, in comparison to what tips.
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