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After 125 hours of burn in, I don't know, it feels like the highs have opened up, something that definitely was lacking before, they felt so "tamed" and veiled. Guitar solos and most riffs sounded all right, but just boring, they had no edge to it.   I was actually EQing DOWN the bass, and the sub-bass up, along with the highs (2db up), after some high-volume burn-in (brain or physical) I just figured it didn't need any EQ anymore.    Anyways, just had my first wow...
The Headstage Arrow seems like a good match, it's "able" to drive headphones up to 600ohm.  That's what I have in mind to pair the SM64 with, too bad they got delivery problems.
That's the kind of review I've been waiting to get the SM64... Overall, what I've been reading is that the SM64 is like a SM3 with clearer mids and improved highs(smooth like the SM3 but not as rolled-off) and more balanced soundstage. Also, the comparison to the W4 makes it even easier a pick, it was one of my possible upgrades.   Me, I simply love my SM3,  and that's why I gotta try out the SM64.     The highs were what worried me the most, as most people were pointing...
Have you received it back? Does it sound any better with the 4s?
Anyone listened to the SM64 with an iPhone 4s? It would be my main source until I could get my hands into an Arrow 4g + dock cable and an USB DAC cable for my PC. To be honest, I'm more interested in the amp because of the possibility of getting a cleaner signal, than amping to the new SM64s.
Any relation between poor sound quality and lower impendance with the iPhone 4s? I see some some pretty variable opinions about the 4s sound quality, and usually the poor ones come from low impendace IEMs, at around 16 ohm. Such as the Sennheiser IE80 and the Earsonics SM3. I'm asking that because it I've had some pretty "meh" experience with the 4s and the Earsonics SM3 v1, which sounds stunning on my Sansa Clip. I've seen guys with JH13 and other IEMs saying the 4s...
I would definitely recommend trying the UM3X, they're very similar(I actually had them both for almost a month). What I like about them is their highs, very smooth and excellent for long listening sessions, and they're both mid-centric IEMs.   The um3x however, can sound very boomy with their comply-foam, so keep that in mind if you happen to try them out. Needless to say, I absolutely love my SM3 and it's signature, and the only upgrade I could ever think of,...
PM sent, it should work perfectly for me.    
I could use an amp, specially with balance control, but is sounds too complicated for me.    
Is there any kind of cable/or whatever that would allow me to balance my IEMs volume? You see, I have a slightly big hearing loss on one ear, and its pretty annoying to listen to music when I'm not at my PC.   I know that rockbox allowed me to do that, but my player is gone.
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