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Reviving the thread. I re-installed fidelia after quite a while without using it. Trying to find my way around using VST plugins, but this time around I can't seem to find it. I do remember last time I used the app I did manage to mount the TB Isone VST; there doesn't seem to be an option for integration.
This one is free, and does the job.
price drop!
 Broken Train - Beck
substantial price drop!
Item: Sennheiser HD600 9/10 condition in A'gon scale Shipping: US. Included Payment method: paypal, wire transfer. Trades: no trades. Feedback: here & here. edit: note this pair was made in Ireland, which is no longer the case for current production. edit: turns out they are still made in Ireland, sorry for the misinformation.
Item: HiFiMan HE 400. Aside from the soldered cable, this thing is in 9/10 condition, A'gon scale.   Shipping: Included.   Payment method: amazon giftcard.   Trades: accepting audio electronics; dacs, amps, cables.   Feedback: here & here.
That looks delicious. What is it?
What are the other nine?
Go to a meet.
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