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The answer is no, neither the Miracle v1 can be re-tuned to become the Miracle v2 nor turned into the UM Mentor using the re-mould service I raised the question as the recessed socket of my 4-year-old Miracle v1 collapsed (one pin retracted into the acrylic body) and had to be sent in for repair
  I believe Westone is suggesting the open-mouth method under the presumption that the user will be using these monitors on-stage/live-show. However, if the user is primarily using them for music listening, the close mouth method should be adequate as well. I can imagine there may be occasions that a less-filling (but nonetheless still providing a seal) impression would be a better pick for prolonged listening sessions in comparison to a more bulging impression that...
Cheers, but I'm actually in Australia I will send them an email and see how to go from there  
Does anyone know if I can send my DIY custom ear plugs to Westone and use them as my ear-moulds? (i.e. the ones that you buy two containers of materials and DIY at home, mixing them and stuff into the ears and wait a couple of hours for them to set)   I've got a pair of these that I use for (motor)bike rides, does Westone accept these to be used as my ear mould? (e.g. something like these:     Cheers.
Ditto. This is precisely what I would like to find out as well. I am currently torn between ES5 and the JH13, both claiming they have the most neutral reproduction      Hi iRadiO, first of all, congrads for getting your ES5! I share the same set of queries with Kunlun above, please would you it be possible if you can PM me too if it doesn't cause you too much trouble   Cheers mate  <~ I have really nice smile 
Thank you for your share I have seen someone who use the mould to take ear impressions and send them off to make their custom-made   At this stage, I am a little bit concerned at the cable section. it seems I will be getting myself more trouble when time comes to replacing cables (be it Shure or Westones) So it will possibly be even better if a removable cable module can be built into it   Still, thank you for sharing!
Thanks Robscix As I mentioned in my original post, I am really really new in OPAMPs I heard there are different sockets of even the same OPAMP; also different state (not sure if this is the right word) of the same OPAMP; and even the insert direction has to be right or the card will be fried ?   Is that right? anyway, thank you for showing me the path
Just built a new computer last week after the motherboard of my old HP laptop fried itself for no reason. Gosh, this Bravura is very very loud! Lucky that I didn't listen to the post-driver install default volume @66   Plugged my UM3X in and what can I say? WoW I have always known mine are very sensitive monitors and always pick up the background hissing, but I couldn't hear a thing.   The current volume is 2 on my headphone out and I have to further reduce...
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