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Can anyone with experience fill me in on the differences between the new Trident and the old Noble 3? (universals).
I heard that there were some components (beats me what they are, could be an active circuit, could just be a few Rs) in the bulky Y split, so if you recable them you'll lose those.I'm still waiting on some cheapo extensions from DX since my original extension blew out so I've been using my GR06s..
Crap, my extension just blew out on me and I think I've misplaced my receipt. :(   tbh I don't agree with the stress reliefs on the cable... I don't think they work particularily well.
    This was really helpful! I had the bypass caps on the cathode without realising that they negated the feedback from the resistor. With the gain on my EW178 so high, I have a lot more usable range on my pot now.
  Yeah, I noticed that the amount of noise increased with the input resistance. I went with the schematic that was posted earlier in this thread done by the_equalizer, because honestly my knowledge of how triodes work is fairly limited. They don't teach you valves anymore in EE, haha.   I guess my next step would be to try to implement some negative feedback though. The sound right now is perfectly acceptable, with almost no noise at normal listening levels unless I'm...
Here is my first build! Chose the 17EW8 because it was cheap. Made an absolute mess of the wire management so there's not many pics of the internals (it's not pretty). That'll teach me for not using a ground plane/using #18 in a 4.5" x 7" x 2.5" box!   Relatively trouble-free start up with no hiccups, aside from the fact that apparently I wired the pot backwards. So now it turns counterclockwise.                   I am curious...
If you can solder (or just have a few alligator clips), you can pretty much introduce your filter of choice in the signal path. A highpass at 5k sounds nice... :)
Just wondering if anyone knows of or can reccommend a DAC that has switchable in/outputs.   I want to be able to switch outputs (both RCA) between my headphone amp and my speaker amp, from my computer and ps3. Opt+USB would be preferred.   Thanks   -edit- Just curious, how do other people manage their headphone+speaker set ups? Do they do the switching in the DAC or is there another method?
Thanks.   So they're not actually part of the signal path?
I was just wondering whether there would be any repercussions for using a normal diode instead of an LED for the tube. I find the glow kinda tacky, but using a huge resistor to dim it would be alright also. If the voltage drop is the same, does it matter?
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