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 Still pretty niche, although I imagine not so much as in some other parts of the country. A lot of people in Orange County have disposable income for hobbies, so I've spotted some legit audio gear in the wild. Also, a lot of the music industry is based in LA.
 Thanks, just asking because I may be bringing a couple of non-audiophiles. Well, one of them is dragging me to a wedding the day before, so she'd at least better come. Can we come in and out of the event, or is it just one entry?
We can buy tickets at the door on Sunday, right?   Also, does anyone know if the vendors will have the Shure SE846 or iBasso DX90 to try out?
Huh, I haven't updated this in quite a while...    I have tried a couple of Silhouette sunglasses. The optics were easily above average, I thought. I had the beta titanium hingeless ones, so the frames were pretty minimalistic, but they were very light and comfortable. I've heard that these can crack where the frame is drilled into the lens, and they didn't seem extremely sturdy, but that didn't happen in the limited time I had mine.
Never heard of them being perceived that way, but if so, I'm in the same boat. 
 It should say on their website which models have Zeiss lenses. Nearly every new pair would have Zeiss lenses. My Bernhard Willhelm collaboration ones don't have the Zeiss watermark, though. I do have other pairs that are gradient or mirrored and do have the Zeiss watermark. I don't have any polarized Mykitas, so I can't comment on those. I don't believe the flash lenses are any more prone to scratches than regular lenses, but scratches do show more on the mirrored models....
They had it at 50% off, but the coupon expired before the holidays.
 Heh, unfortunately I can't use that argument because I apply the same Head-fi mentality to shoes and clothes. On the plus side, yours sounds like she's ripe for Head-fi conversion, though...
You let your girlfriend control your finances?
Re: The HD650 veil, it certainly doesn't have as much emphasis on the treble as many other headphones, but it would be incorrect to say they're lacking in detail. Many people look to treble for detail, but a treble tilt only gives you the illusion of detail. There's plenty of detail in the mids on the HD650's (and the treble as well); it just doesn't have in-your-face treble that makes the high end details more noticeable. I find the HD650's approach to be pleasing and...
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