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 True. For people who haven't been following the price trends of a particular pair of headphones and need to make a snap decision on a time sensitive deal, it's damn useful to see the comments from people discussing whether the deal is good or not.
Or perhaps our friends in Greece have done their part to bring the euro down so we can enjoy cheaper European products?
Actually you're right, now that I think about it. The 6x0 series wasn't in the outlet. And an open box hd700 for $25 more than the Amazon deal was also more attractive.
It's a good deal, no doubt, but not so incredible that it should sell out in a couple minutes. For reference, Sennheiser outlet had open box ones for $260 earlier this week, and that was a rather unusual deal.
It wasn't even that amazing of a deal, either.
Aaaand gone in 2 minutes 8 seconds. There's a waitlist if anyone drops out, but it looks like they didn't have that many available in the first place.
The HD600 deal is $300
 FWIW, I love my HD650's and found the HD800's to be incredibly unenjoyable to listen to. I know I'm in the minority on this, though, and my tastes may change later. But I'd suggest trying it out at a headphone meet or store before you buy. Unless you find a deal so good you can't lose, of course.
 They say the stuff from the outlet is non-returnable, but I get the sense that with the current prices it shouldn't be hard to offload a headphone you don't want later.
Hahah just asking since the descriptions of the conditions don't say anything about the condition of the headphones you can expect, just the accessories included and warranty. I guess with a reputable company like Senn there shouldn't be too much cause for concern, though.
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