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Personally I see critiques of deals as helpful for people who don't know the usual going price for an item rather than an attack on whoever posted the deal.
Thanks, guys. I tend to not be an early adopter for new gear since there often are a lot of issues, but it looks like the dx90 is pretty solid.
Quick question; I hear that the DX50 required a lot of updates before it started working well and that we can expect the same of the DX90. Are these all firmware upgrades or does iBasso upgrade the player hardware as well?
Hi guys,   For those of you who have or have tried both, how does this DAP compare to the X5 in practice? Info on the UI in particular for this one seems scarce, but from what I can gather the DX90 can support multiple playlists while the X5 can't, the DX90 is touchscreen while the X5 uses a wheel, the DX90 can be operated with the screen off and the X5 can't, and the DX90 has a shorter battery life and one less card slot. Sonic impressions seem to be all over the place,...
Thanks, that's very helpful.
What's the best price I can expect on these? Also, does Shure stuff usually get discounted more once it's out longer, or not until it gets discontinued/superceded?
So it looks like half the people who have heard both say the W60 has more bass, and the other half say the SE846 has more bass?   Which is warmer, and do either of them sound kind of like HD650's? I have W3's right now and haven't had a chance to experience the Shure house sound, so I'm not sure what to expect compared to Westone's sound.
 These are sounding better and better to me. I've been reluctant to get into high end IEMs since they're not as durable or long lasting as headphones or speakers. But I've come to the realization that I use IEMs a majority of the time, partly because I can listen to music at work discreetly with them. If I'm getting that much use out of them, it makes sense to step up my IEMs.
I'm using the Westone 3's right now. They seemed bass heavy to me at first, but I've grown accustomed to it and kind of like the bass boost in noisy environments. I listen to a lot of rock, but some electronica and hip hop. I really like the sound of the Sennheiser HD650's, so the reports I'm hearing that Shure is noted for having good mids and smooth treble appeals to me. I don't like the HD650's low end rolloff, though; wish it had more really deep sub-bass.
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