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I am moving across the country, and will need to downsize my computer rig in the process. I have 3 year old klipsch promedia 4.1 speakers with the "upgraded" monster wires. They are in good condition, and work flawlessly. I am looking for 80 + actual shipping within the US.   Please message me for pictures. Thanks!
Hi Head-fi,   I am looking for a set of swan M10s. I have a set of klipsch promedia 4.1 with the upgraded monster cables. I recently replaced the subwoofer amp.   Please PM me if you have swan m10 speakers for sale or trade. I am willing to add cash on my end.   Thanks,   runningmann
65 shipped?
Up for sale are my Grady sr-80. They sound great, but I prefer my sennheisers. Price includes shipping in the CONUS. Pm me for pics, thanks.
$70 shipped for both headphones.
Hi All,    I just purchased these headphones from another seller on headfi. Unfortunatly, car repairs must come before headphones, so I will be selling two of mine. Both are in great condition.   70 shipped to the CONUS for the Grados, 12 shipped for the JVC. $78 shipped for both.   Thanks, feel free to message me for photo requests or anything else.
Want to buy a nano, any generation, any color, for my mom's birthday.    let me know what you have, and how much you want shipped to Atlanta.   Thanks
Looking for a used pair. Please PM me cost + shipping to Atlanta, GA.   Thank you
both sold, Thank you headfi
Thanks for the responses. Unfortunately, Klipsch does not cover the 4.1 promedia speakers any longer. I will contact stpeteshepard, and hopefully all will be well. Otherwise, how much do the satellites usually sell for?
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