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i bought earphones off ebay before but they were fake so i sent them back and got my money back happy enough anyway this time around i want to do a full investigation before i buy what dya think V-Moda Vibe Gunmetal Black earphones skullcandy beats - eBay (item 320452174010 end time Dec-21-09 13:31:06 PST)
Quote: Originally Posted by ph0rk Mine did that also, they may be real. Mine had a -very- warm sound, and tended to be hot on the ears after awhile. very high sensitivity, too. Are those wire splices? perhaps its a bad refurb job. i dont really know... there is only 3 tiny wires soldered onto a tiny board and reinforced with glue. i dont know what you mean by splices, but i can actually touch the copper wire if thats what you mean
i bought these on ebay for 30 euro only i figured after that they might be fake heres the page NEW sony MDR-V900HD DJ Monitor Headphones V900 V900HD (item 320375165959 end time 22-Jun-09 19:21:13 BST) anyway i got them this morning and i still dont know if they are real or not. i took afew pics and hopefully you will know better than i...
i dont know sorry
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