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Hi all - still on the fence, but if someone has this in black at the right price, I probably will go for it.  Thanks!
Tom, thanks again for a great meet!!!!
Dude, what was it that disappointed you with the SR-009/BHSE combo?  This was the very first time, listening to them that I didn't find the SR-009s too piercing treble-wise.  Maybe it was because of the new tubes Justin was using, or the DAC (I forget which model).   Did you find they still had that trebly problem?
Not sure I really want/need this, but if someone has one in great shape and at the right price, I can be persuaded.  Thanks!
Good to know - mine is a much lower numbered one, but it's probably the same as other later HD800s.  I was frankly surprised to read some of the posts saying that the latter versions were a bit different.  But this still begs the question:  is it possible to tame the high peak (if there is in fact such a peak, which I'm not sure is audible, but I'll accept, for now, that it is) simply by tuning the cans,rather than completely replacing the drivers, and if so, would...
I totally thought they were closed cans myself - and about the very first closed cans that I thought were comfortable, until I found out they weren't closed cans at all!   I agree, I was  ...da bummed out when I heard they cost 1K ...These would make great 400 dollar cans - not that I need more headphones, but at that price, I'd add 'em to my collection!
Hmmm.  I wonder whether it's worth asking Sennheiser directly....  But then again, sometimes the cure is worse than the (perceived) disease.... Or, if it ain't really broke, why fix it?  Tough call ...
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