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pm sent.     These fuming fans obviously aren't members of our community!
Do you have any other SHM SACDs or SACDs (prefer Jazz, but others too?)
Hi all - still on the fence, but if someone has this in black at the right price, I probably will go for it.  Thanks!
Tom, thanks again for a great meet!!!!
Dude, what was it that disappointed you with the SR-009/BHSE combo?  This was the very first time, listening to them that I didn't find the SR-009s too piercing treble-wise.  Maybe it was because of the new tubes Justin was using, or the DAC (I forget which model).   Did you find they still had that trebly problem?
Not sure I really want/need this, but if someone has one in great shape and at the right price, I can be persuaded.  Thanks!
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