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My current (kinda finalised, because I'm a broke ass student) set up now is H6 with FiiO's RC-MH1 headphone replacement cable with PCOCC-A copper wire, FiiO E07k Andes, Apple Lightning to USB CCK and iPhone 6 Plus. Never been happier. The cable is the final jigsaw puzzle piece. The high quality copper giving the H6 the warmth it has always, slightly, lacked. Its midrange is now more pronounced and bass more hard hitting. But the original brilliant clarity of the H6 is...
It's never been moist or wet whenever I put it into the bag. Pretty bad customer service too. The receptionist was trying to convince me it's wear and tear and it will happen when the leather patinates. So I was trying to tell her it's black marks on the leather, it ain't patina. Haha.Should have gotten black instead
Unfortunately I hadn't have the chance to run my H6 in for 48 hours. Barely 1 week into my ownership of my H6, I had to send it in to the service centre. The black felt bag had transferred colour onto the natural leather of my H6. Black marks all over the lambskin earcups and calfskin headband.Hopefully it comes back to me soon. But yes, just 15-20 hours is enough to hear a clear difference as compared to brand new out from the box. Same detailed mids and highs but more...
I really do believe it does improve with burn in I too bought the H6 purely for the clarity and details it gave me. But on first hearing it was quite shrill and tiring on my earsBut after just 10 hours of looping my playlist, things got better. Bass is slightly more prominent and trebles are no longer as tiring.I pair it with my FiiO E07k now and it sounds much better thanks to ABIT of bass boost.
That makes more sense now. Maxing out the volume on my iPhone, I can set 0dB gain on my E07k with the volume on the amp at 32/60. Thanks guys.
I do believe you're quite right. Thanks for the fast reply.
Can anybody shed some light? Am I doing things right? I have the connections right. iphone 5 -> Lightning to USB CCK -> USB to Mini USB -> FiiO E07k -> Headphones. But problem is with volume. My iPhone still needs to be cranked up to around 3/4 volume and FiiO E07k needs to be in 6dB gain plus volume at around 50-55/60 (near max). This has a detrimental effect on both my iPhone and FiiO E07k. I am using this set up to drive my 30ohms Beoplay H6 headphones. Is there...
Thank you for clarifying. I will be getting my CCK and E07k next week. So hopefully it works without a hitch!Many thanks again!
So is it a problem with the E17? Read a lot of people failed with this set up even with USB Charging turned off.And with this USB adapter that you suggested, doesn't it mean I can't bend the cables and carry my iphone and E07k as one piece? Haha.
Sorry just a question. Will this work: iPhone 5 (iOS 7.1.1) -> Apple Lightning to USB CCK -> USB to Mini USB cable -> FiiO E07k Andes (USB Charging off) -> Headphones Will this work or there MUST be a powered hub in the middle? Or will it not work at all?
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