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Saw something strange on the Canadian Grado distributor website:   The PS500e is listed at 300g (down from PS500's 350g), but the RS1e has stayed at 310g. Is this true? Does the PS500e actually weigh less than the RS1e?
 Only the RS1e, the GS1000e, and the PS1000e have 50mm (46mm if you don't count the plastic) drivers, though they may or may not be unique from each other. Out of those three, the RS1e switched from a 1/4" plug to a 1/8" plug.
This is awesome.   I always thought the 2nd-generation "i" series was a bit of a mail-in. How could you tell the difference between a RS2/RS1 (buttonless version) and an RS2i/RS1i? Or a GS1000 and a GS1000i? Cosmetically, they looked exactly the same. Also, while some could hear an audible difference between the 1st and 2nd generations (I could differentiate between the SR225 and the SR225i), others could not. But now, every headphone in the e series is distinct from the...
Yes. I had midterms and couldn't be bothered to do it earlier. Also I was a little unmotivated because how could NuForce not test the new unit before they shipped it to me? This is very discouraging.   Sent a PM to jasonl but his last activity here was over 3 weeks ago.
I e-mailed NuForce yesterday and am still waiting for a reply. Is there a way to contact jasonl so that this issue gets remedied faster?
Yes. I thought the HDP power supply wasn't giving enough voltage, but the multimeter read 14.8V. The Toshiba was actually exactly 15.0V but it didn't provide additional amplification.
Ok, it took me a while to actually do it, but I got the Toshiba PA2450U power supply. The connector was too large, however, so I got a friend to change it. It did nothing.   Also, here's a YouTube video showing how my HDP provides less juice than my uDAC, which uses internal USB power:     This is ridiculous. Hopefully NuForce can cover return shipping, because this was a fresh RMAed unit.
I got a response from NuForce:   If there is no distortion, noise, etc., then this behavior is within normal limits.  All volume controls vary in their range a bit from one to the next.  If you are NOT able to turn the unit up to sufficient volumes, then there might be something wrong.  Otherwise, the difference you note is just the result of normal variations from one unit to the next.  We hope this helps.   What a disheartening reply. I don't have any grounds...
The HDP comes with a 24W PSU as standard issue. Earlier in this thread it was stated that NuForce had offered a 42W PSU upgrade which did provide a bit more power. That is why I'm wondering if getting a Toshiba 45W laptop PSU would work. Unfortunately, I don't know whether my old unit used the 24W PSU or the 42W PSU. By the way, I paid $100 to have it serviced along with another $25 in shipping to send my old unit back. If this new unit is indeed defective, I'd want them...
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