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 By default I don't think the G-cush pads sound good on anything but the headphones it was designed for, along with the PS500. The treble just kicks you in the face for any other model.
I like the current PS500e font better than the PS500 font because it matches the other model in the series. At the very least, the lettering doesn't come off like in the Prestige Series models.
 I tried the tape mod with the L-cush for a while. Improved bass impact but significantly reduced the signature Grado airiness. Instead, I did the vent mod (punching the felt behind the driver with a ballpoint pen) and that did the trick. I'd assume taping up the G-cush would reduce airiness as well, and that's something that no amount of EQ can fix.
  Kept telling myself that I'd buy a GS1000e for Christmas but just couldn't pull the trigger on such an expensive item, especially in Canada where it'd cost $1250 after tax. So instead, I went to the local audio shop and asked to buy the G-Cushions. Rep: "You have the PS1000?" Me: "No, the SR225i." Rep: "These don't fit on those. They only fit on on the PS1000 or GS1000." Me: "I'd like to buy them anyway." Didn't care about correcting the employee and getting into...
 2dB is noticeable. Also, there actually is driver variance because it's known that Koss sources multiple companies for Portapro production. That's why packaging is vastly different even between models for the same country. It's also why there's a bunch of bootleg Portapros running around. I can go to five places in my city and come up with five Portapros, all in different packaging, despite the vendors claiming that they're recent stock. There are also KSC75s with and...
Two Two words: sample size. Can't trust those measurements if they're only gonna measure 1 driver pair. My KSC35 driver is definitely bassier than the KSC75 driver with the same clips. I did do that. I still think the SR225i is slightly better, though admittedly you basically pay more than double the price for the small improvement.
  Simple but effective. I feel the KSC35 clips are superior. They have a tighter fit and weigh less than the KSC75 clips. However, the only way to get them now is to buy a KSC35 from koss.com for $45. The KSC35 drivers have a slightly smeary midrange, but the KSC75 drivers don't. The KSC75 drivers have notably less bass but +4 bass on the FiiO E17 fixes that. Now I have the best of both worlds  :D   This combination (KSC75 w/KSC35 clips, FiiO E17 +4 bass) is...
The XB700 MSRP was $130. $380 is price gouging, don't do it. But it shows how good the headphone is if people are willing to pay that much. Shop around or get it used.
 225e. Going from pads to bowls makes all the difference. You can get the 60e + bowls, but the 225e driver is tuned for a bit of extra bass to compensate for the bass leakage with the bowls. At least, that was the case with the 60i + bowls I tried.
I know they're discontinued, but the Sony XB500/700/1000 were fantastic hip-hop headphones. They are technically open (the vent is almost hidden), but if you can snag one you'll be happy. The current Sony headphones are a disappointment compared to the old XB series. The XB1000 has the deepest bass I've ever heard from a headphone not made by Audeze.   XB1000 isn't bang-for-buck, since they had a VERY limited release (you will NOT get one for under $500 new), but the...
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