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I can't speak for how well the Q701s pair with the Arcam rPac, but I just replaced my Fiio E17 with the Arcam rPac (the E17 just stopped working and was returned!), and though it's only been a few hours, I am pleased with how the rPac pairs with my AKG K550s. Granted, the impedence on the K550 is lower than the Q701, but I find that the rPac provides plenty of power (I barely have to increase the volume). It also produces a spacious soundstage and smooth sound, with a...
Thanks KT66 - so the Fiio e17 goes for £99, the Arcam rPac £149 and the Graham Slee Voyager is about £192. It looks like its coming down to the Voyager or the rPac. By the way, is a DAC recommended for use with the Voyager? Maybe I could use by Fiio E7 as a DAC and the Voyager as amp?
Quick update - I have purchased the AKG K550s, as I was in need of a good set of closed headphones to listen to at night without waking the family! I currently have a Fiio E7 amp/dac--would anyone recommend upgrading to the Fiio E17 or Arcam rPac for getting more out of the K550s (or any other amp/dac units that would pair well?)
Hi all,   [Update: so I have purchased a pair of AKG K550s and currently have it paired to the Fiio E7, and so far am enjoying the sound. I've read the E7 is a decent amp but there are better amps to pair to the K550s. Is the Arcam rPac considered a solid match? Any other recommendations for someone living in London?]     So while I am getting my Denon D2000s repaired (the right driver separated from the headband, apparently a common occurrence for these cans), I was...
Never mind - purchased the FiiO E7 and answered my own question - no contest, the E7 is an immediate improvement, in bass control alone. Will burn in for the next 48 hours and update my impressions.
Well, would the FiiO E7 be considered an improvement over the Nuforce Icon Mobile. How would you characterize the sound of the D2000s afterwards?
morph 2k4 - Odd, a number of head-fi'ers recommended a brighter sound amp from Nuforce (like the Icon Mobile or higher) as a good match with Denon D2000s recessed mids, which seems to have been borne out in practice (from what I can tell, anyway). Fiio E7 is supposed to make it too bassy, but nice to hear that the iBasso is recommended.   charli3 - No more than 150 pounds (or the $ equivalent of that-250). Suggestions?
Bump for some thoughts.
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