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I found them:
Anyone know what kind of headphones Michael Phelps was wearing just prior to the 2012 London Olympics 4x100 meter freestyle relay?  If those sound as good as they look, then they are some bad ass phones!!!   Any help in locating a brand and model number is greatly appreciated.   Regards
I just purchased the Shure E310s from for use nearly exclusively at the gym and on planes, etc. We'll see how they sound, but everyone on this website seems to like them. They offer good bass along with good mids. I had originally purchased the Denon 751Ks but I had them for three days and the right driver went out completely. So I decided that Denon should stick to AV receivers and forget about getting into the headphone market. I'm looking forward to...
Currently? A collection of 80s pop tunes. Right now: Union of the Snake by Duran Duran.
Fire Woman by the Cult
I was able to find these tips online for $14.95 here: T-400 Is there any better source to buy these tips?
Hey Mark, I'm totally sold. Only after reading a few pages of your posts. I'm buying the 751's hopefully locally, but most likely online. Thanks for the information. Regards, Adam
Hello, What's the best in-ear headphones for use with an ipod classic that are under $100? I know some of you like Koss but I am not a big Koss fan. Regards
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