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Moved to Orem a couple of months ago from WI. I'd love a meet in SLC or more south in Provo. Last meet up for me was CanJam 2010.
Audio Technica AD900 with Brainwavez HM5 Hybrid Pads Black PU/Velour: They fit after 20 minutes of struggle to get them one, but so far feel wonderful.      
^Because other than my Cowon S9 with a custom UCI, I've never seen something functionally better as far as music players go. Additoinally, Rockbox is the VLC of portable media players: An interface that it's terribly modern looking or pretty, but features and compatibility that are in a different class compared to their competition.
I've now tried the Jet Player, Poweramp, and Apollo, which was default on CM for a bit... with my new OnePlus I have enough space for music, but it doesn't seem to work with RockBox, and I can't find a player as good as my S9... any suggestions? Requirements: -Stay in file browser when clicking on a new song. (I don't want it to take me to another interface panel, because I may want to click another song in the album two seconds later.) -Sort by folders -Look...
Sorry for the subject confusion... I mean to say that after using my M50 daily for a few weeks, as well as my even "bassy-er" Sennheiser HD238, he thought the Beats line was trash. I ended up defending the Pro's actually and having him try them out... He wasn't impressed.
^Don't worry. You're not the only one. I had a roommate rave about them at BYUI, and after taking another one to B-Buy and comparing the Beats line to my M50, he concluded that they were 'trash.' Unless the Vektr sounds radically different compared to the Pro, Studio, Inspiration, Solo, Solo HD, etc. I'm thinking it wouldn't stand a chance against a similarly prices audiophile/actual studio/monitoring headphone.
^Tell them you will split the cost. Just because you own a flagship doesn't give you the replacement upgrade with each new generation as yours breaks. I know that Shure did something with their newer models where if you sent in your old flagship and $100, they would give you the new one. (Which is a huge discount... I would try something similar for the UE900.)
Something to read for those considering cables for their Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10, or any other headphone/earphone for that matter, if a sound improvement is what you are after:  
I've not heard a lot about the new pads, and whether or not they fit the old sets of headphones... Does anyone know whether the AD900x pads in particular would fit a regular AD900? If so, are they deeper, and do they prevent ones ear from touching the driver as typically happens with the AD900.
^If you plan on wearing them with the cables down, don't expect them to seal for long in your ear, an in turn, when they don't seal, don't expect them to sound any better than earbuds that come with most DAP's... Many people have fit problems as it it, and the cable pulling down on them will only make it worst. (Not to mention there is a stiff bit of memory wire to deal with too, which is made to loop over your ear.) My advice to you would be to do the 'flip flop' mod...
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