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I have a UM3X for about four years and think this is the perfect headphone, almost made ​​especially for me...    How does it compare with UM Pro 50?   Cheers,   Peter
  Forgive me. Never.
The Westone made the UM3X ​​exactly to my bassist ears. The jewel. 2 years of pure audio enjoyment.   In this same family, what would be my next Westone upgrade?   Cheers,   Peter
  Nothing new. Luigi was told me.
Dear guhmo,   coming from an Ety, the transition is simpler, since they are sort of cousins​​. Think of a UM3X as the evolution of Ety ER4S, since both share the same "sound orientation". I hope you understand what I mean...   As the soundstage, the UM3X has no problem. It represents EXACTLY what has been recorded, without adding fake ambient space in the music.   Awesome piece of engineering, in the end.   Cheers,   Peter  
The same.   Coming from a Westone 3, I soon realized the lack of soundstage and bass in the UM3X.   Some time later, tired of W3, I decided to retest the UM3X and I was madly in love with this headphone.   This is a marvel that needs some time to getting used to.   Cheers,   Peter  
Kiteki,   I fully agree with what you wrote.   In the end, it all comes down to taste. And in this case, the graphics completely lose importance.   PS: I have an S:Flo2 and a Samsung Galaxy S with Voodoo Sound and the differences in sound signature, using my Westone UM3X, is very, very small.   The differences boil down to a more "wide" sound in S:Flo2 and a more upfront mids in the Galaxy S.   In the end, I prefer the Samsung for the more upfront...
With BA headphones, supreme.   Peter  
The sound of your taste should be achieved through the headphones, not from the DAP. The headphone, for me, is a most important part of the setup.   Not all manufacturers implement  well their equalizers, so it is best to use them in "flat" or "normal." And the correct headphone will work well with any kind of DAP.   The problem is the time and financial costs to reach the ideal headphones. But in the end, you will be greatly rewarded... :o)
R.I.P. J3.   You were a very good DAP.   Thank you.
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