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SALE PENDINGXXXXXXXI have a lightly used 1.5 year old JMT Built Cmoy headphone amp for sale and ready to go. Asking $70 + postage. Used on Transatlantic flights, but security now is making it difficult to carry on some flights. This should save you a wait!
Much of the equipment mentioned is still available...follow the links above.
Only if the 16 year old donated about $2500 to her retirement fund!!! HA is nice looking stuff isn't it!
No, but she has: McIntosh Stuff for sale by my Friend....MC2205,MC2255,C33,C34V,MCD7007,MC2100,MR 80,XRT 22 Speaker System (Cannot be ear mounted!!!) .......$2200 .....$1100 .....?? ...
Hi Guys...sorry about that. They are posted on AudiogoN, check my ID which is..guess??? "Yeast". I have 2 of these SOLID STATE BEAUTIES and I will sell both at $525 each with can also check out the other Mac stuff as well. Sad story, a freind's business partner past away leaving a huge cache of SOLID STATE Mac gear in great condition. She has no interest so I am selling for her, stuff is in Costa Mesa,CA so you can pick it up there if you are close....
50 WPC for those electrostats and direct direct phones...It has a headphone jack and inputs for a single source, plus its pretty.....why not?
It has a headphone jack! Why not...a gem in its time!
On Ebay........if interested, here is the link.... Thanks for looking
Here are the headphones, can you identify?....I now think they might be Lambda pros....any indication of possible value? Thanks
You are correct.. the headphones are Sigmas ....
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