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@Sorrodje I officially hate you  :D   Seriously - looking forward to your impressions - that is one of the few DACs that seems to earn universal praise from everyone who has heard it. 
 Yup - both my PM6005 and SA-14S1 have a soft click when the bit rate changes - it has never bothered me. 
Does the public library in your neck of the woods not have an upper limit on the number of hours you can spend in a conference room, or the number of people you can invite to your 'meeting' ? One of the big issues with using church halls and the like seems to be personal liability insurance - you might want to look into that. 
The hard part is finding a venue large enough to accommodate everyone - along with the necessary access to wall sockets etc - without spending an arm and a leg. I have no trouble believing that you would get a good turnout virtually anywhere in the US, but are people willing to pay 10-20 bucks to cover the cost of hiring a venue ?  Whatever you decide on, all the best, but sitting around wishing it would happen wont make it so. I've organised a few social events over the...
By my calculations, that makes those kids less than 18 months old - your a monster, man  ;)
The first quarter ends March 31. Schiit should have Yggy at CanJam - March 28-29 - in CA : I'm guessing that all will be revealed by March 30. It's currently 12:52am on March 1st here in Thailand - not long to wait at all ;)
 The difference is that the DACs you mention have all been heard by many Head-Fiers over an extended period of time - Yggdrasil hasnt. 
 Chances are that if you need both hands at the same time, you dont need Head-Fi. Or Yggy. I'd suggest multivitamins and lots of sleep. 
That's assuming you can get anywhere near the Schiit stand. That would frustrate the hell out of me - to fly all the way from Asia to the US, roll up to CANJAM brimming with excitement only to see a horde of people with exactly the same idea. I know it's selfish, but I'd want to turn up to see Mike waiting to usher me into a soundproofed booth where I could spend the rest of the show listening to Yggy in complete silence with a selection of TOTL amps and phones. Dreams are...
Only if you're taking LSD or PCP, OK ?
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