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Did you feel the need for a litlle more power with the PM3 ?
 I'm hoping you mean 'double DAC'd' : as discussed earlier in this thread, the jury is still out as to whether or not having two DAC chips automatically makes one source better than another : I've long been of the opinion that implementation is the key. If that wasnt the case, everyone would simply rush to their cheapest offering containing their preferred chip and sadly life isnt that simple. 
Again, I'm going to come at my fellow Head-Fiers straight out of left field     Understandable that folk are continuing to ask how the Jnr compares to players X. Y and Z for sound quality and its ability to drive certain 'phones, particularly given the lack of any optical output for use with another DAC or DAC/amp combination. My question is simple - does the Jnr or any of the AK range support USB OTG ? I     The reason I've chosen a phone hooked to Geek Out v1 is...
 Not sure where you're going with this - the AudioGlove A1 is a 100% portable option produced by a boutique audio company (as is the Hugo FWIW) - but let's run with it. I accept that post count isnt everything, but I've been here since 2009 - give me a little credit for what we discuss on Head-Fi.  http://www.head-fi.org/f/5/headphone-amps-full-size http://www.head-fi.org/f/7/dedicated-source-components http://www.head-fi.org/f/113/high-end-audio-forum I dont want to get...
OK - I have to tread carefully here as I was one of the first to dash out and buy the Chord Hugo, despite widespread derision based purely on the sticker price from people who had never heard it ..... I'm not looking to play class wars, simply sounding my Head-Fi colleagues out re their options. Up front, I havent heard a single AK product, so take this with a vat of salt.    Given some of the queries here, particularly those around output power, I have to ask if DrSheep...
On the point of driving higher cans from any of the current Fiio DAPs, I thought the idea was to mate your DAP with one of the E12 variants. I realise that leaves you with a brick. but you cant make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, right ?  The current X5 stacking kit looks OK to me..   http://www.fiio.net/en/products/26#HS6
 Until you've heard both in a quiet setting for at least a week, do the aesthetics and the badge alone tell the whole story ? The car analogies only go so far - I'd prefer to read impressions from someone who's actually taken both for a spin  ;)
 1. From what I'm reading here very few have actually heard the AK Jnr2. Given 1., I think you'll be waiting a while for any sort of comparison but I passed on the Jnr when my dealer told me the DX90 was 'special order only'. Personally, I think it's disingenuous to advertise a product without any indication of stock levels, but it seems to be common practice in this industry. 
Not Asia-Pacific - my Bangkok dealer has had stock for at least 3 weeks.    http://www.jetliveaudio.com/index.php?mo=29&keyword=Astell&Kern
 Thanks Joe but I'm afraid I have to honour my earlier pledge never to unleash these fingers on an unsuspecting public again. As others have pointed out, the trend now is toward concise impressions, not Tolstoy  ;) All the best to everyone on the tour. 
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