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 Want to run that part about 'the Windows drivers will work fine' past me again, Chief ? Mike is going to have to put in whatever hours it takes to get these drivers right - somehow I doubt he shares your outlook. 
 Thanks for this Mike, and I apologise for telling people that there would only be ~140 in the first batch. Thank you for clarifying - once again - the difficulties faced by anyone looking to build a DAC for Windows users. I copped an earful from a M$ zealot a couple of pages back and I'll be more than happy to bring your post to his attention. Have a blast at CANJAM and I expect we'll get another update very soon. 
Ruh-roh ....  
My time with the Hugo has been interesting - approaching 12 months now so I guess I was one of the early adopters. I decided to spend more time with my 35lb lump of Marantz electro-wizardry, largely on the basis that it's easily the most expensive component I've ever owned (particularly at the crazy prices Aussie Marantz dealers are currently asking) and the Hugo can sit untouched for a fortnight at a time. Rediscovered the Lightning-to-USB cable for my iPad Mini this... Straight from Rob Watts - you really couldnt hope for a more definitive source than that. 
 That's the 2300 dollar question, isnt it ? Given that April 1st would fit in with the Schiit sense of humor, that would have been my pick, but Mike's last update pointed to several important steps between the current batch on the production line and anything finding it's way into a DHL or Fedex van. I'm sure that if Schiit wanted to give an estimate they would, but we're in the position now that we've waited this long - what's another month or three ? 
 I am, and I've never had any of the problems reported by some here - I did buy an AQ cable that wouldnt fit but I didnt try to force it.
 I dont think you'll have any problems 'waiting till July' - its only the people who have their hearts set on getting Yggy in April who may be in for disappointment given the parts shortage. The best laid plans of mice and men  ;)
 Unless I'm posting as baldr, or working for Schiit's suppliers, I'm afraid I'm just the messenger here buddy. We all know how much interest this DAC has generated - and more will undoubtedly come from CANJAM - and that interest most definitely isnt restricted to Head-Fiers. I can point you to a hundred or so threads from people who feel the move to s-d chips was a huge mistake, but those old R2R DACs have ~20 years on them now : its only natural that a new $2300 R2R DAC...
 It's all relative, but I'm guessing you dont want to listen to Yggy if you have your heart set on Gungnir. His words, not mine - dont shoot the messenger - but its interesting that the previous 'best I ever heard' gear suddenly sounds like crap when we get to hear a new toy  ;) so I went back to the Gungnir and by comparison it sounded dry, brittle and 'digital'. Three words I never would...
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