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@isquirrel that's the kind of desktop rig I always pictured the Hugo in - I thought my iFi stack made for a somewhat convoluted cabling arrangement but you've shown me the error of my ways : superb. 
 No argument - just pointing out that you dont shy away from the fact that your impressions dont always gel with popular opinion re a given component. I believe you made that clear at the beginning of your DAC thread, but it seems to have been lost on some of your acolytes. As I posted in the DAC thread, its unlikely that you are the Messiah, just a very naughty boy  :D   FWIW, no-one wants the Rag to be the best headphone amp under 5K more than I do, simply because it...
 I suspect that the DAC will draw a lot of interest from well beyond the confines of this forum and the backorder queue could keep Schiit very busy for months - more power to them. 
 I've never heard the GS-X - in either incarnation - and I dont have the patience for Justin's backorder queue, but I think its in the interests of a balanced discussion to point out that preproman isnt the first to disagree with purrin's POV on a given component. Hundreds, if not thousands, of endorsements from here and elsewhere for the GS-X and a single post outlining the amp's perceived weaknesses seems to have convinced you that it's a non-starter. Given that this is...
 Ancient history - the sticker is 1699, but that's not far off Jason's initial estimate of 1400-1600USD, esp given the problems they had getting the amp ready for prime time. 
I'll stick with the iUSBPower, even if the iFi cable does annoy the hell out of me. Not sure who sits down to design a cable this heavy when they know it's designed to be plugged into a lightweight component like the iUSBPower.   
 Try the HQPlayer demo - the Mini should handle the upsampling OK. I have a Core i7 MBP with 16GB of RAM and thus far it's barely above idle upsampling everything to DSD128 in JRMC.
 10K ? You're getting warm  ;) According to Mr Connaker, every other DAC is basically irrelevant - we might as well be kids driving go-carts around the inside of a NASCAR track while he laps us repeatedly at 200mph. Here's 10 hours of Chris' favourite video :  
Appreciate the review, goldendarko - I imagine that it's getting a lot of hits from all over the world. I admit that I was part of the initial fanboy love-in for the Rag but my focus has shifted completely to Yggy, There are certain practicalities associated with living in the tropics and owning an amp that doubles as a space heater - probably fantastic in northern Maine but not so great in a location where the temperature varies between 20 and 34 deg C all year long. 
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