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 I think you'll get more detailed answers to your queries re building a music server at Computer Audiophile. Toslink is fine for the Hugo but there's a lot more to getting the best out of your system than your connection to the DAC - clearly, if you've bought a Classe amp you get that.  
 This would be my comparison. PHA-2:  PHA-3 Prototype:  I dont normally get too worked up over aesthetics but is that really something Sony would be happy to slap their brand on ? All the work they put into their HT and desktop 2-channel offerings, not to mention their phones and Walkman line, then they let something like this loose at a show ?  I'm hoping it's just some wag having a little fun with Photoshop. 
 I dont know what kind of manual Rob got with the Xilinx but I'm assuming that he most definitely did it his way, hence my point re future FPGA implementations. Hopefully it will put an end to the spec nazis who see SABRE anywhere on the product page and immediately pronounce it DOA.
 I admit that my grasp on the history of those killer chips from the 'golden age of CDPs' is a little hazy - I didnt even realise that Burr-Brown stopped making chips under their own brand when they were taken over by TI in 2000.  Someone must have kept stocks of the old B-B chips as they are still implemented in various DACs. Implementation is everything in a DAC, and I expect that will be even more pronounced with the FPGA DACs that I can only assume will come in the...
 It's also economies of scale - Philips is an industrial giant while Denon is just one part of D+M Holdings - not sure what their respective revenues are but I'm guessing Philips can ameloriate the money that goes into a new headhone a lot more effectively than Denon. I would also note that Philips arent newcomers to 2-channel audio even if the gear with their name on it is rarely featured in TAS or Stereophile.  Philips engineers have built some outstanding components...
Al, per my sig I've purchased Phil's AO and I'm playing around with the iFi gear in my sig - I wont make any claims re either until I'm happy that placebo and new toy joy have left the building. 
 Thanks for the tip re the Darude vid - I've been listening to a lot of Simon O'Shine with the Hugo/Fidelio X1 combination and it's fantastic. Seriously under-rated headphones - I'll track down the L2 the next time I'm in Bangkok assuming my dealer has them in stock.
@seetoyou, Acer are already shipping fanless laptops based on Haswell - I'm holding off to see if the rumors around a fanless MBA come to fruition in the Northern Fall. I'm convinced that the USB ports in my Mac Mini are providing cleaner power than my Asus laptop - I can easily demonstrate this using my HRT microStreamer's line-out and the iFi 'stack' from the laptop and the difference isn't subtle - it's music vs distortion. I just assumed I had a faulty line-out and...
 This thread and my wallet - way to go, Moriarty   ;)
Just re-subbing this thread since it seems to have been rekindled - now awaiting feedback from the beta testers. 
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