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Actually you're right. This is really harsh I agree that the rest is a bit better, but not very clear.  
This is low quality recording from beginning to end.
I think it relates to the type of music and the quality of the recording. With classical music there are tons of details and complex textures that cannot be handled by any headphones or just any equipment. I guess that's the reason I was forced to become an audiophile. With low quality headphones or earbuds I can tell the difference immediatley. 
Get AKG K271 or K240 but you need amp for both. Personally I prefer the vintage K240DF but those are 600 ohm and you need a powerful amp to drive them properly, so K240 MKII will do for the moment.
I think we need to hear from someone who has the K340 and the Lyr, although I don't like tube rolling. 
What amp do you suggest for the K340? Is there a particular amp (SS) that can drive them to their optimum performance.
Thanks! Actually I feel like the K340 has more detail than the K701. I can hear players moving and budging in the room, it's like feeling real people being there playing music! The only area where the K701 excels is the bass detail and texture but the K340 bass has more weight.  The K701 sound stage is wider but superficial, it doesn't has the layering of the K340.
I'm curious to know how does the vintage K340 compare to the top of the line Headphones? I'm curious because I acquired the bass heavy version on Ebay for a good price and compared to both my K702 and Sennheiser HD600, the K340 were much much better. The sounds were more life like, with very real instrumental timbre and smooth extended sounds of violins, flutes and cello that I've never experienced with K702, HD600, HD650 or DT880. Actually the K702 seemed very pale and...
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