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Price reduced to 150 + shipping. They look much better than the pictures. If interested please send me PM.    
I'm selling this great unit mainly for aesthetic reasons. I don't like it's look despite being a great unit built by a professional builder. It drives all my headphones effortlessly, from the 600 ohm DT770 down to the Sennheiser HD650 and the K702. The sound stage is huge and holographic, bass is extensively deep with soaring smooth and detailed highs. I'm considering any reasonable offers available. I'm mostly interested in low impedance, easy to drive headphones or...
Still available. 
I have this headphone in excellent condition. Their sound signature is very similar to the DT880 600 ohm which I used to own few months ago. Priced to sell with original box, leather case and adapter. The photo from the original owner and the headphones are still in the exact same condition. If you have any question please send me PM. 
I'm the first owner of this great CD player. Bought from Onecall few months ago, still in like new condition no cosmetic or functional flaws, only selling because I'm using my laptop and DAC most of the time and downsizing my equipment and headphones. If you're in Bay area and would like a local pick up, please let me know to make some arrangements. I'm adding several Blue Jeans Cable that I'm not using anymore. The cables (RCA, Coaxial, Optical) are worth $60 new. If...
Silver drivers.
I have the Senn HD650 in very good condition which is not getting much use. I'm interested in a trade for Headroom Ultra Micro amp and I'll add some cash to the deal. I'm not interested in selling it, so please no sale offers.   For those interested please send me PM.
Yeah, I saw that later. I didn't know about it!! But I have DT770 600 OHM and I was surprised that the sound signature is very similar to it's brother the DT880 600!  
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