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I'm doing a comparison right now. I feel like the original cable feels more natural sounding. I'll keep you posted.
No Acix, there is improvement but it doesn't sound right. That's what I meant. I can't put a finger on it though.
After further comparison, I decided to return the cable. It sounds slightly more detailed but at the same time totally unnatural. 
After some hesitation, I decided to upgrade my K702 with the Cardas Fat Pipe Cable sold by Headroom. I read multiple reviews about the AKG K702 cable upgrade bringing those cans to another level. I had my doubts of course, but I kind of forced myself to bite the bullet and decided to give it a try, especially with Headroom generous 30 days satisfaction guarantee.   I received the cable this afternoon, it was shipped very fast by UPS two days air. It doesn't feel very...
And you're welcome.
DG is Deutche Grammaphon    Here is the website    
The websites of DG, Hyperion and other classical music recording companies like Channel Classics provide lossless downloads on their websites.
K701 sounds plasticky with artificial soundstage.
I agree! But I believe that classical music (and Jazz) is more complex because of the instruments used. It's very hard to reproduce the timbre and vibrations of strings and piano accurately on audio equipment. I didn't mean that non classical music is not enjoyable on high end audio. But you can enjoy rock and metal on low end audio as well, but it's almost impossible to enjoy classical properly on low end equipment. May I'm wrong, but this is my very subjective experience.
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