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Thanks U E? The Zana is on my short list for the future. Have you run the Zana with K1000 or K340 you used to own? How does it sound with those HPs?  
I need a pair of pads if available? Please send me PM.
Oui, ils parlent Français.  
I'll put it No.1 on my Netflix list. Thanks!
I need to see this one!
Because Citizen Kane, Potemkin, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Seven Samurai... etc are much better   But Jules and Jim is still one of the best 100 movies ever made.  
Francois Trauffaut's Jules And Jim     One of the greatest movies of all time! 8/10
  I don't think so! As you see the events occur in Brussels. It has nothing to do with the French.    
It's about a housewife going for shopping and works as a part time prostitute!  
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