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I have this pair in very good condition with original box and accessories with additional rubber tips and Shure soft tips. I'm the second owner and I'm selling them for comfort issues I only needed them for isolation. If interested I can include the original Etymotic P to S cable for extra $38. Local pick pick in San Jose CA is welcome! International buyers please send me PM to discuss shipping details.
Both headphones in very good condition with extra K701 pads. I'm not into hi fi these days so I'm offering all my stuff for sale. I don't have a camera at the time to take pictures. The K400 is balanced with XLR to 1/4 adapter. The K501 elastics are a bit lax but still hold. Send me a PM if interested.   K501 on hold. K400 is still availble.
I have this great combo for sale with original boxes, manuals and the Astrodyne power supplies. I'm out of Head Fi so I'm liquidating my stuff. I also have K501 and K400 headphones in good condition. I prefer to sell headphones with Amp/DAC in combination or after selling Amp/DAC. I'll keep this as a local pick up in Bay area, please offer me a price and send me PM. Thanks!
 They are in very good condition with tight elastics and clean thick pads. They end with XLR jack. The price includes shipping costs. International buyers should send me PM to discuss shipping charges.
Still available.
I have this pair for sale and both items are in excellent condition. My laptop had a USB drive problem which I couldn't fix and I'm not ready to buy a new laptop so I'm offering this DAC for sale to buy a good CD player. I have the original boxes and manuals for both. Buyer pays for shipping and Paypal charges. International shipping is available if buyer pays shipping fees. If you have any questions please send me PM.
Changed title, thanks!
I have a pair of those that I'm not using. If interested please send me PM.
I have a pair of those that I'm not using. They come with all accessories and original box. I can ship international if buyer pays for shipping.
I think this is the bass heavy or bass neutral. I had a bass light version before, this pair has more bass.
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