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A friend of mine is offering this phone for sale. He bought it from another country and he took very good care of it. It's in very good condition with box and all accessories. I can't offer a specific price so I keep it to the buyer to offer a price. Please send a PM if you have any question. 
I'm offering my K701 for sale. It's in quite good condition, the pads are a bit worn, but they are fine and I've been using them with no issues. I'm selling both this and my HD600 because I'm out of head fi and I'm not interested in this stuff anymore. Please add shipping charges and paypal to the price unless you're willing to pick them up in the Bay area. Thanks!    I've been using the headphone for such a long time that I forgot: There is a little hole in the...
This pair has been sold! Thanks for looking!
I have this used unit which works fine with 50% of CDs. It doesn't work with scratched or CD copies. It skips with some brands of CDs while it plays others flawlessly. This is for local pick up only unless the buyer is willing to pay for shipping. No remote or accessories come with the unit, but the player looks clean with very minor scuffs on top. Please contact me for further questions.
If you have extra pads for K/Q70X please send PM with the price. Thanks!
I have the large kindle DX in like new condition. I used it only for 20 hours maximum and kept most of the time in its cover (orange color M-Edge) which is included in this sale. I found that most of the books I'm interested in are not available in digital format. I thought someone might be interested. The price is 200 + shipping CONUS. Please contact me if you have any questions.
This is a great combo that served me well in the last year. I'm not much into audio those days and I'm using my receiver to watch movies most of the time so I'm offering the Ultra Micro amp and DAC for sale. Both units in very good condition and work flawlessly. The combo includes a mini to mini cable worth 120$ and two Astrodyne power supplies that worth 100$ each. The original price of the Ultra Micro stack in 2008 was 600$ for each unit making a total of 1200$. If...
You can get a much better result connecting optical to a quality CD player as a transport. Although it shouldn't matter from a theoretical point of view but I have experienced much better results connecting my Marantz CD Player to my DAC in comparison to USB connection with my laptop. Computer sound has a digital harshness and thinness although a tad more detailed, while CD player sound is smoother, warmer and more lively.  There are many quality CD players sold on Ebay...
I have this pair which works flawlessly. The only issue is that the AKG logos are removed on both sides and the cable near the headphone plug is broken although it has no effect on performance. Everything else is fine. If interested please send me PM.
I have this cable in pristine condition if someone is interested. The price includes shipping.
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