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Actually K271 are hugely improved by amping. Read my recent thread, with a tube amplifier I felt like being in a music hall. I can hear the breathing of the players and sound of their chairs and the pages being turned over. Awsome!
Thanks David! It was a night and day difference after using the Headroom Micro Amp for many months!
This combination is amazing! Huge sound stage, extreme clarity and detail! Have you ever tried the MG HEAD DT OTL MKII Or III with AKGs? I already ordered the AKG K702 to find out what will happen.
I bought an ASL MKII amplifier from him. Very good communication, excellent support and he taught me a lot of things about tube amplifiers. The shipping was really fast and very well packaged. I highly recommend dealing with him.
Pm responded.
SOLD! Feedback:
Sold! My feed back
I bought a mini to mini cable from him, it was a nice experience and he provided me worthy information about cables in general. I highly recommend him.
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