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I'm offering a Sennheiser HD580 for sale. It's in very good condition works great. The pads have been replaced recently so there is no need for any replacements. I don't know how much they worth, but considering the escalating prices of the HD600 I think this is a great deal. The price includes shipping charges. If you have any questions pls let me know. 
 For the paino concertos I highly recommend Leon Fleisher cycle. For the violin concertos there are many, I like Grumiaux, Szeryng and Oistrakh. 
I would recommend Jochum for both Bruckner and Beethoven. Personally I prefer Jochum to Karajan. 
I'm offering this music player for sale. It belongs to a friend of mine and it looks in good shape. I didn't notice any scratches or significant signs of wear. I've used it in the past two weeks and it crushed twice, which is regular with this kind of player. It comes with charger and USB connector. If you have any question, please send PM. 
The strong advantage of IEMs is isolation, you feel like you're in a music room of your own. They are also easier to drive and don't require an expensive set up to sound their best. Personally I like their smooth, extended treble, their accuracy, and non fatiguing sound signature. The K701 and DT880 are impressive, but I found them fatiguing and hard to drive. They provide tons of details and a wide soundstage but I feel that the ER 4S smoother treble and excellent...
If you're using your phone and laptop then get Etymotic ER 4P and add the P to S adapter. You can get a used pair on Ebay for $170, sometimes less. 
I'm moving to another state at the end of the month so I'm selling some CDs that I don't listen to often. It's a good collection of Classical CDs in very good condition. Some Jazz CDs are also included. I'm asking $60 for the whole bunch + shipping. Pick in San Jose is also available for 60 only, no shipping charges. If interested please send PM. CDs List:      Bach: Harpsichord Concertosk- Cologne Chamber Orchestra Mozart: Violin Sonatas – Hilary Hahn Mozart...
I bought this pair of DT250 80 ohm a while ago from this thread:   It's still in the same condition. I used it very gently and it's one of the best closed headphones I've ever bought on head fi. personally I prefer it to the K271 and Denon D1001. I'm selling this because I'm out of head fi and all my stuff is offered for sale. If interested please let me know and send me...
The $200 is fixed. No international shipping only CONUS shipping as indicated above. 
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