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This headphone is almost new, I'm the first owner and didn't use them much. It comes with both cables and adapter as pictured. The price includes shipping and PayPal fees,
This is a pair of HD650 with silver screens. I bought used few months ago, comes with original box and accessories. All in very good condition except some chips on the headband (check the picture). Other than that they are in very good condition. I'm selling because I bought the HD800.  Price includes Paypal fees, buyer pays for shipping. Currently CONUS only.  
Bought it from Headroom new several months ago. I've upgraded my source to UDAC so I'm not using this one. The price includes shipping and Paypal fees. 
Count me in pls. This is my first meet. 
I'm interested in buying one of those. If you have a unit in very good condition and under warranty please shoot me an offer. 
I'm offering this cover for sale as I made a double purchase by mistake. It's in very good condition and comes with original package. The price includes shipping. 
I'm offering a Sennheiser HD580 for sale. It's in very good condition works great. The pads have been replaced recently so there is no need for any replacements. I don't know how much they worth, but considering the escalating prices of the HD600 I think this is a great deal. The price includes shipping charges. If you have any questions pls let me know. 
 For the paino concertos I highly recommend Leon Fleisher cycle. For the violin concertos there are many, I like Grumiaux, Szeryng and Oistrakh. 
I would recommend Jochum for both Bruckner and Beethoven. Personally I prefer Jochum to Karajan. 
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