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This is the Grado GS 1000 (first generation) in excellent condition, no scuffs, marks or scratches. Comes with original box and extension cable. Price includes shipping and Paypal fees. Please PM if you have any questions. Will ship internationally if buyer pays shipping.
This is the metropolitan Ring from 2012 in blu-ray quality. Open box, never used. Like new condition. Price is $70 shipped. Buyer pays Paypal fees. 
I'm the first owner of this tablet, barely used and comes with full accessories. Price includes shipping and Paypal fees. 
Hi, I'm selling a pair of HD580s that I bought a year ago from ebay. They're in good condition with no major cosmetic flaws. They sound great and work flawlessly. They come with the stock cable and adapter. The headband cushion is worn but not expensive to replace. The pads are still in good condition. I'm selling because I use my HD 800 and hardly find myself reaching for these. For international buyers please contact me to discuss shipping details. Thanks! 
I have an Astrodyne power supply not being used after I bought the DPU; it's in perfect condition and I'm the first owner.  These are now hard to obtain and a great upgrade from the stock wall-warts of Headroom branded amps and dacs.   Asking $70 shipped CONUS no added fees.
I'm offering this excellent amplifier for sale. Comes with original box, documents and power cable. One of the best amplifiers under $1000 and a former Class A Stereophile component.. I used it with multiple headphones (HD650, HD580, HD800, AKG Q701, ER 4S) driving all of them effortlessly with lots of volume to spare. Very neutral, detailed, smooth sounding with a dead quiet background. I'm selling because I upgraded to a balanced system and I don't have the space to keep...
If you have one for sale please let me know. 
The reason to buy an old classic is the price. The HD 600 is double the price of the HD 580 and the sound quality is almost the same. 
Hi, I'm an avid listener of classical music myself. I would suggest the following.    Try Etymotic ER 4P first. Although they are in ear canals but they have high level of detail, excellent tonal balance and very accurate placement of instruments. I'm only suggesting The Etys because you're using them with the phone, so they block away the noise of your environment and they are easy to drive.    If you like to go with open headphones your best choice the Sennheiser hd...
This headphone is almost new, I'm the first owner and didn't use them much. It comes with both cables and adapter as pictured. The price includes shipping and PayPal fees,
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