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Hi, would you consider shipping to Toronto M6G 3E3? After all, it is right next to Buffalo! Thanks for your attention, Karl
Hi, I'm in Toronto, too & if they're still available, I'd like to offer $60. Thanks, Karl
Hi, I'm interested. How much? Thanks, Karl
Hi, If it's still for sale, how much including shipping cost to Toronto, Canada? Thanks, karl
I waited beyond PayPal's 45 day limit for grievances, so I'm out of luck there. What's beyond me is how they can be cheating/scamming people left & right and at the same time give new products out (to shills?) to be promoted publicly. Is it just me, or isn't this outrageous?
I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. I paid for a Super Micro last June and patiently waited until a few weeks ago, when I stared writing, calling & faxing to inquire as to my order status and I haven't gotten a peep of a response. Maybe I'm asleep and this is all a dream???????
Hi. Are you sure u can't sell to me in Toronto, Canada? Karl
Hi, I'd like to buy the set. Karl
Hi, I'd like to buy it. Karl
Hi. How much for the VDA-2? Thanks, karl
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