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Did Fiio install without problems in step 2 (inside the VM copy of Windows 7) ?
Same here, only 5 points, no mention of word 'Kankregelaar'. My pair is also around 2 years old.
What are you talking about ? Read the first post: with line out/ coaxial digital out.
I'm almost 100% that it is metal on my E11. Feels colder and I even tried it with my teeth and it doesn't feel like plastic at all.  
Got my E11 few days ago from seller nocando01 and volume knob is metal. Where did you see plastic ones ?
With E11 I can finally use my HD25's as my portable headphones together with Clip+. Clip+ doesn't have nearly enough power for HD25 (IMO). And I was never really satisfied with E7 as a portable amplifier: not enough power to drive HD25 in those "bring-it-on" moments (again, IMO) and buttons for volume control ? No thank you. E11 is small, powerfull, has volume knob, sounds good and doesn't cost a fortune.
Just in case somebody missed it: Jude made a video review of DT1350 vs. HD25-1 II. You can find it here:
My wishes: 1. additional dummy card slot (I know it is sdxc compatible but sometimes it is more convenient to have multiple small cards instead of one big card) 2. decent quality protection case (with 2 or 3 micro sd card slots). 3. (weatherproof) wired remote control (iRiver iHM1x0 style), no display needed, only basic controls (play/pause, volume, skip track) and headphone jack.   It is probably too late for 1. while 2. and 3. would be optional accessories.
See for some info, if you haven't already.
No problems on Ubuntu 10.10 Gnome, also no problems on Ubuntu 10.04 server. I don't know about KDE but if it uses ALSA you could try sudo alsamixer in terminal and check if any outputs are muted ? I had problems with HDMI audio output on my 10.04 and solved them by unmuting SPDIF outputs using alsamixer.
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