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RIP Mike Scaccia    
My buddy who runs a local record shop turned me onto these guys yesterday, Black Task, thrash from Philly in the mid 80's.  Their first ep was just repressed by Radio Raheem Records.  Production quality is pretty low, but it still rips.  
I woke up today to read that bassist, of Iron Butterfly and Captain Beyond, Lee Dorman has passed away.  
Oh and here's some Onslaught, because Onslaught rules, I've probably posted this before, who cares, quit complaining.  
Italian first wave black metal overlords Bulldozer!    
  Nope.  Hate that band, I consider them a cancer that helped de-evolve metal.
  I can't seem to find the BS! 5% silver solder you speak of.  I've already ordered two PXP-900's, so I'd like to get the solder at the same time.  HALP!         The SD slot maxes out at 4GB?  Nah thanks.
  The issue might be that the tango is trying to ground itself through your computers dac, which is where it could be picking up the 60hz signal.  Ground issues are insanely complicated, and don't always make sense, even after you cure the problem.   I highly suggest using a ground lift if you're using balanced cables, or a 1:1 isolation transformer if you're using unbalanced connections.  This might not be the cure, but it's absolutely the first thing I would do if I...
I think you're just having ground loop issues, get a ground lift, or modify a cable so that the shield on the connector plugging into the output of the tango is not connected.    This appears to be the answer since when you loop the out to the in, you aren't having the 60hz issue.  (1 ground plane instead of 2)
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