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No Remorse - Metallica
It looks like you've made a bridge between the in+ and in- of your chip   You seem to use a lot of solder, try using less, you'll make fewer accidental bridges.  Also, when working with stranded wire, you should tin the stripped end before soldering it to your board, this will help the wire make a good electrical bond.
I'm not a tube person, so I could be way off, if I am someone correct me, but...   If wiggling the tubes is curing the problem (however temporary it may be), your contacts in your tube sockets could be dirty/corroded.  Hitting the contacts in the socket, and pins on the tubes with Deoxit could help.
+1 on the center punch, I personally like the spring loaded kind, but everyone has different luck with different tools.  What I like about the spring loaded, is if you happen to knock back a few beers before working on a project, you don't swing your hammer and miss the punch, inadvertently putting a nice hammer dent in something.  But, of course, no one should ever use power tools while drunk....   Bit sharpeners are worthless (IMO), you'll never get a bit back to...
I did a very quick search and noticed people saying that the Banzai does not use input filtering caps, is this true with yours?  If so, you're probably pushing dc voltage into your head phones.  If it does have filtering caps, pull the one for the right channel and check it with a multimeter that can test capacitors.  It's possible it shorted inside.
possible cold solder joints.
Ease of assembly does not equal quality.   Out of curiosity, are you using an orange handled weller iron, the type that is typically carried by home depot and the likes?  If so, that is not a temperature regulated iron, and can over heat your wires / connectors / boards / components, which can lead to jackets melting / tabs breaking off / lifting traces / frying IC's and capacitors.
you can use a pair of needle nose pliers to hold the wire right at the edge of how far you want to remove the enamel.  The pliers will act as a heat sink, and prevent excess enamel from being burned (melted) off. 
I'm not familiar with rockbox, but I know it allows alot of customization, is it possible that it puts a volume limit on the headphone out?  if they have it scaled back real hard it's possible you're not getting your full output level.
how is your sansa hooked to your receiver?  are you coming out of the headphone jack?  if so, is the volume as loud as it can get before clipping?  
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