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Powerthrash anyone?   Helstar   Hades
A friend turned me onto this last night, Power From Hell from Brazil, modern day old school black/death thrash.  
One of those days...    
Wait, why have DJ Screw and Juicy J not been mentioned yet?
Sleep - Dopesmoker Joan Of Ark - Live In Chicago (no a live as in a live album, but live as in I live in chicago) Rush - 2112 Hawkwind - Space Ritual
The Mentors.   Gwar.   Piledriver.
  Good description on ground potential between gear.   In the USA the neutral and ground wires are bused together in the breaker panel, this is typical (99.99%), but not always. 
  There is a ground lift because I'm not talking about earth ground, ground lift is referring to lifting the shield/ground wire on your audio interconnect.  Pin 1 on an XLR or the S of a TRS.  This is where the confusion is stemming from.  I am not talking about altering the ground on your power cable.   Plenty of people in this forum hyper obsess over things that don't matter, and not knowing you were planning on using outboard gear, this seemed to be on of...
  OH FOR REAL?     Even when looping from the out to the in on the same piece of gear, I would lift the ground.  Reason:  I don't know how they have designed their ground plane.   It's a simple test to perform, you can hack up an old cable, or go buy a ground lift from guitar center or the likes, they're great things to have on hand if you're doing recording or live sound.  I'm being aggressive on this issue because it's the absolute second thing I would check if this...
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