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Budget/Entry level (Below $1000):   Audio-gd DAC19DF (1) Audio-GD NFB 1.32 (1) Audio-GD NFB-2.32 (1) Audiolab M-DAC (4) Audioquest Dragonfly(3) Cambridge DACmagic Plus (3) Cambridge DACmagic (2) Centrance DACport LX (1) Channel Islands VDA2 & VAC1 (1) FiiO E17 (1) Fostex HP-P1 portable amp/DAC (1) Headroom Micro DAC (2) iFi Audio iDac (2) JDS Labs ODAC (3) Keces DA131 (1) Lavry DA10 (1) Lexicon Alpha (1) Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1...
      All I have to say to this nonsense is:  GO PENS!
  I really can't stand Lee Dorrian's vocals, nor his ridiculous calls, "FEEL THE GROOVE!"  or the ever classic "HUGGY BEAR OH YEAH!"  which you'll find at 4:38 in Utopian Blaster...     It's really a shame, because the riffs are pretty all right, but Dorrian really ruins the songs.
I really don't get why people like Cathedral....  This video might be the worst metal video ever.    
  Thanks for posting this, now I'm $30 poorer...  But I will be getting Realms of Chaos on vinyl, so I'll let it slide this time.
  There is a developed and accepted rapport in this thread that includes sarcasm, nay saying, humor, and borderline elitism.  If your feelings are easily hurt, then this thread, and metal in general, might not be for you.
What, did someone say Japanese???   Tokyo Yankees     Deathside     Sabbat
Venom, for nothing else is true.  
  Can you say with 100% certainty that your soldering was not the cause of your troubles?  I use them, never heard them affect sound quality.  
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