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    Love me some Onslaught, completely shreds!   How about some Blessed Death?   ETERNAL WAR!   My old band got compared to these guys (how I found out about them), so I watched a video, and it was a fat dude in a leather jacket blasting insane falsettos, I was pretty stoked on the comparison.
Also, why hasn't Sun Ra been mentioned yet????     As well as just about anything from Geinoh Yamashirogumi, the collective that did the soundtrack for Akira.  
  Did this when I lived with 3 other people in a house once, all stereo's cranked, all coming from different bedrooms, snaking through the kitchen, hallways, and living room.  We laid in what we assumed to be the central most point, stoned out of our minds.  I don't remember much after starting the album, but then again, I don't remember much about living in that house in general.  All in all, a great experience.   I highly recommend reading about the experiment the...
I never got into Machine Head, but the band they were before they changed their name and became too nu-metal for me, completely ripped, Vio-lence!   Vio-lence - Officer Nice
  I'm just goofin around, don't mind me.   Here's some thrash songs to check out:   Overkill - Deny The Cross   Hallows Eve - Lethal Tendencies   Razor - Cross Me Fool   Exodus - Bonded By Blood   Holy Moses - Life's Destroyer   Laaz Rockit - Fire In The Hole   Let me know if you like any of that, if you do I can make some suggestions based on which you like/don't like.  I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to thrash.
  It's cool, I can't do new jack overly produced nonsense, to each their own.
Crossover thrash band from TX featuring members of Incantation.  Cheesy video, but the song rips, plus it's about Oogles, so I'm for it.  
I have been running into an issue with Rean (Chinese division of Neutrik) RCA's, where the ground is fouling out and losing connection.  Below I'll show my fix for the issue.   Connector out of the package         The pen is pointing at the spot of the issue.     Here I've bent the strain relief tab to exaggerate the issue.  As you can see the strain relief tab is not physically attached to the shell, it's a pressure fit, where they crimp the...
  You do get the point that a beta22 is just an over blown discrete opamp, right?  So, if you think a headphone amp should be nothing more than a few op-amps, then why would you be opposed to one that is just a large op-amp?
Here's a little something silly I built, it's simply two pairs of rca's with a resistor placed across each channels signal and ground.  I'll be using this to lower the input resistance of a phono preamp.  My pre has an input resistance of 47k ohms, I'll be using this to drop it down to ~8k ohms by using 9.6k ohm resistors.  This puts them in parallel with the 47k input resistor in the preamp, using the formula for resistors in parallel:  1/((1/R1)+(1/R2))=Rt   R1 =...
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