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  Long hair because head banging looks stupid with out long hair.  Need proof?  Go look up videos of Kerry King in the 80's raging his awesome locks, to a video now where he looks like a child throwing a fit.   All that said, I've been gone for a while, so here's some Sarcafago.  
  Maybe I'm very tired, and a little pedantic, but are your headphones modified to be balanced?  If not, then you don't need a balanced amp.  A balanced output (XLR, 1/4" TRS, etc...) can drive an unbalanced input (RCA, 1/8" trs, etc...) just fine.  (you can also drive a balanced input with an unbalanced output as well, but that's another subject)   If the only reason you want a balanced amp is because you have a balanced DAC, then just get some XLR to RCA cables and call...
  This is all true, which is why I stated to see if it worked.  Some, and I definitely stress the word "some," cat5 patch cables are made with a rubberized insulation with high strand counts, they're designed to be moved around while in use.  They are rare to just have randomly laying around, but sometimes you get lucky!   Other avenues to pursue would be:   cables from wall wart power supplies usb cables broken video game controllers keyboard/mouse cables   Make your old...
If you have any extra cat-5 network cables laying around, hack one of those open and see if the wire inside will work for you.  If it will work (in this instance it would seem that flexibility is the biggest factor), well then, my friend, you just scored some free wire.  If it doesn't, you still have some 26awg to play around with.
New song off an upcoming album by some Baltimore local rippers, they're called Necropsy at the moment, they're changing their name to avoid the whole legal thing.  Ages of the members range from 15 to 20.   For fans of early 90's thrashy death metal.
  Ugh, this list just made me realize that every ding dong metal band that puts out an album this year will have something involving the number 13 in it, either album title or song....     Maybe 13 will get back together and play a show?  
  Didn't even know they were still putting out albums.  It's always been a shame in my eyes that there weren't more bands in this vein that were good (KMFDM, Ministry, Nailbomb, Nine Inch Nails).  Once Marilyn Manson, Orgy and Ramstein got big I knew that the chance for a good hybrid of metal and electronic music was gone.     Any bands along those lines from the early to mid 90's that you were a fan of that you can recommend?
  Oh thank the heavens that people like you exist!  Us mud people would have never drifted away from our recordings of people banging rocks together and grunting!  Glorious days, it's as though we've leaped millenniums with this post!  Gone are our dirt dragging worm like bodies, replaced by technicolor wings that shall propel us into the sky to hear the songs of the angels!   Forever the children shall sing the praises of StratocasterMan!   You know, I might be more...
    Good stuff, I still through on Angst every so often.   Killer Mother ******* Depeche Mode!
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