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A fellow poster on these forums by the name of Nerrel had this to say about the RS2e vs RS1i:   post #4395   post #4650   post #4675   I had owned the RS1i a long time ago, and have the RS2e now, but what he's saying definitely makes sense to me.
Great to see this coming together! I took a long break from audio, but I had a wonderful time meeting all of you back in 2010. I'd very much like to come this time around! I just received my Grado GH1, and would be happy to bring it.   Cheers!
The RS2e is bright, but Grado did a very nice job refining the highs; they are neither sharp, nor peaky. They extend very naturally from the midrange and smoothly all the way up, resulting in a very coherent sound. I did not experience issues with fatigue, but I did find that I had the desire to crank them up a little to experience more punch in the lower end. I just didn't find them to be full and dynamic enough at lower volumes for the music that I listen to. But the...
Excellent! I'm looking forward to it, though I am very happy with what I'm hearing so far.
@joseph69 The seller on eBay noted around 50 hours of use.    @TomNC  The RS2e is a great headphone, and I highly recommend it to Grado lovers. However, I see no need for it if you own the GH1, as I feel that the GH1 is strong in many of the same ways as the RS2e, while not suffering from being overly bright or bass light on some recordings.
My GH1 has arrived! I was disappointed to find the workmanship to be poor; the drivers are recessed a millimeter, and the lip that holds the pads on is covered in large burrs, literally being unsanded (it looks the the wood was hastily cut and never finished). I will post pictures when I follow up with a more comprehensive review. These findings put a damper on my first impressions, and unfortunately, as I am not the original owner, it is unlikely that Grado will have any...
Are you at least keeping the GH1?
That's what I like to hear! Can't wait 
I bought the pair that was listed on eBay. Thank you, krud484 for pointing me in the right direction! I should hopefully have them in a couple of weeks. I honestly didn't think I'd have a chance to own these, so I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts on them. Thanks again, everyone!
Thank you for the head's up! Very tempting, indeed. It's too bad we can't swap headphones for a bit, since we're both curious about each others  What are your thoughts on the GH1s, to a perspective buyer?   Edit: I sent a message to the seller on eBay...so we shall see! Maybe I'll own all 3 and do a shootout for the good of Headfi 
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