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The Opal Deception is the best in the series, IMO.  The Atlantis Complex didn't impress much on me.  
  Thirded.  Then again, it did take a very long time to produce...
This is a very controversial topic and one that will likely not be put to rest until some fanatic is Uganda conducts a double-triple-blind test.   Interestingly enough, changing the cable on my HE-5LEs from the OFC to the SPC (silver-plated copper) did yield noticeable results.  The differences have been well-documented and it's one of those things that contradicts my beliefs.  Are aliens coming?  I sure hope so.
I just wanted to thank Jason for extending the $50 discount, even though I ordered on the weekend.  Their customer service is... the Schiit!
T_T   I just bought a pair for $575... damn.    Awesome price, and good luck with the sale!
If you've got one that you would like to sell, shoot me a PM.   That is all.
Frei bump ;)
Impressions?  Anyone?
Found :D
If you have a fully functional and pristine pair that you're willing to sell, shoot me a PM.  I'm located in Canada, near Toronto. 
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