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Had a chance to demo these bad boys and fell in love! PM me if you have a pair for sale. Cheers
Looking for a Stax SRM-323S amp, because it's probably the best I can afford. PM to discuss price. Full disclosure: I'm located in Canada. Thanks, and cheers!
A few quick things! First of all, thank you again for organizing this. My father is not a member on head-fi but would very much like to come. He attended along with me at the 2010 (I believe it was) meet. His name is Brian. Bryan, it's great to see that you'll be attending! I'm sorry to hear about your health, but it will be excellent to see you again after so many years. +1 on the HP1000 request, and I'd like to add another for the HD800. You can play a pivotal role in...
Thank you for all of your responses! It's good to see that Grado fans can appreciate the HD-800s (it always seemed to me that you would be in one camp or the other). The curiosity began with me when I got my GH1s and was comparing them with thr RS2e. While I liked the bass on the GH1, I found that it lacked the ethereal presentation of the RS2e. Furthermore, while the GH1 sound great with the G-cush, it got me thinking about the soundstage and separation that I'm generally...
Thank you for the reply. Grados are certainly easy to drive! If I get the HD800, I will look into the BH Crack as I have heard only good things about it. I listen to a lot of alternative rock, and I haven't seen a lot of people comment on the HD800's ability to perform with those types of genres. There's a local head-fi meet on Saturday and I'm hoping to get a better chance to listen to the Senns, but I was curious about your experience with the HD800's rock-ability. Is it...
I've been a Grado fan for years now, but have had the pleasure of auditioning the Sennheiser HD800 recently (albeit, in a noisy store). Much to my surprise, they sounded lively, bright, and transparent. Any other Grado fans out there who have thoughts on the HD800?    Edit: I have a PS500, PS500e, RS2e, and GH1 mega review/comparison in the works!
A fellow poster on these forums by the name of Nerrel had this to say about the RS2e vs RS1i:   post #4395   post #4650   post #4675   I had owned the RS1i a long time ago, and have the RS2e now, but what he's saying definitely makes sense to me.
Great to see this coming together! I took a long break from audio, but I had a wonderful time meeting all of you back in 2010. I'd very much like to come this time around! I just received my Grado GH1, and would be happy to bring it.   Cheers!
The RS2e is bright, but Grado did a very nice job refining the highs; they are neither sharp, nor peaky. They extend very naturally from the midrange and smoothly all the way up, resulting in a very coherent sound. I did not experience issues with fatigue, but I did find that I had the desire to crank them up a little to experience more punch in the lower end. I just didn't find them to be full and dynamic enough at lower volumes for the music that I listen to. But the...
Excellent! I'm looking forward to it, though I am very happy with what I'm hearing so far.
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