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Thank you so much for the responses everyone, I suppose as sound quality doesn't appear to be a large issue in an amplifier vs receiver debate I'll go for the receiver as there can be subwoofer outs and better volume control.
Hello guys, today is Christmas and I received some Insignia Bass Reflex bookshelf speakers as a gift. I'm pumped to use them, although I need to buy an amplifier or a receiver and I'm really at a crossroads as to which one will get superior sound quality in the budget price range. I'm looking at the Sonic Impact T Amp 5066 for about 50-70 bucks, although my dad tells me a receiver has more options but offers no real change in sound quality as opposed to an...
Totally in for this!
Right now pop music in the U.S. is turning into a combination of electro and rap.
The infamous "Raw Power" album by the stooges and what I've heard of "Hot Mess" by Cobra Starship (self mastered tracks).
Kyle Andrews- Sushi The Vaselines- Son of a Gun   HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!
Pretty much. This is what gives the "Wow" factor.
People usually say the Hippo VB and RE0 are pretty complementary.
You can't turn 128kbs into 320kbs and get increased quality, the audio degradation is already there. When you convert lossy>lossy you lose quality as well, so the best thing to do is to convert CD's into FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) or download/purchase the same music in the higher bit rate. Long story short, there is no saving your low bit rate files.
Yeah baby, house!   Electro is where it's at, but there's some other good stuff out there too. Here's some non-mainstream tracks that you may enjoy:   A couple "sure things" for the club: (Would...
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