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Is this takoyaki the same as the takoyaki7 who has the Final Audio BA-SS?
Especially when the x-jay comes out...   I did actually emailed them about it, but the guy didn't want to say anything, except that it will sound 'clean and natural/transparent', which of course, doesn't tell much.
Nowadays the technology is going fast. In a few years' time I am pretty sure there will be some sort of triple driver dynamic phones. For one, there's an excellent sounding dual dynamic Radius. Balanced armature can have more headroom, with its multiple drivers to share the load. A good crossover is not easy to design though. And the same with dynamic, it's not that easy to tune them to sound really good. But on the issue of dynamic vs BA, I wouldn't really say that a...
  Your skepticism will change when you have heard those good single driver earphones 
I second giving a pair each to ClieOS and IjokerI, as they are considered the most prolific reviewers around here.    But of course, if there's extra pair to spare, I wouldn't mind having one, of which I shall compare against the FX-700 and SM3, using different players and amp.
This is very subjective, how it sounded in the recording studios will rarely sound exactly the same for each individual, since each person has different ear structures, and their brains also interpret sound differently. 
Fischer Audio DBA-02, Radius DDM. But those are not European brand. Those two are cheap though, for their great sound. Especially the DDM, it should easily best some of those earphones in your list. Check out the reviews. Monster Pro series are also not bad, overall they are more worth it than the Turbines. I think there is also Klipsch Custom 3 (out of production), which is selling for a cheap price now. Check out ClieOS's review and IjokerI's reviews too.
Hopefully you will have the chance of hearing the FX-700 soon. It's really something.
So Shigzeo, how does the DDM fare against the SM3 in terms of bass and imaging? Please put in more comparisons between your favorites in your review when it comes out 
Ipod headphone out have improved quite a bit in the recent years. But somehow I feel that there's space for improvement. I will see how the E7 and Sflo2 will do justice to the SM3 and FX-700 when they arrives, which should be less than 2 weeks' time.
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