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  The kid has Westone 4, MTPC, CK10...as good as the K3003 is, I don't think it's worth it for someone young to spend that much. Should just get custom iem or get headphones, even better, get speakers.
Sales pending.
When I was young I didn't have a mp3 player. Once upon a time I thought that the Sennheiser CX-300 was great sounding. 
Yo Romy, since you have had some time with the Fostex TH 900, what do you think of it? From reading your impression, I get the impression that the TH 900 is voiced to be more neutral as compared to the romantic W3000, but in terms of detail extraction and transparency, does it get on the same level as the Stax and the HD 800?   In terms of comfort, how does it compare to the W3000 and the Stax O2? Actually, among your top headphones, how do they rank in terms of...
Well, I would love to keep it. But then selling the W3000 would speed up my slow but definite journey in getting the Stax 009.    Due to space and money constraint, since I have gone the electrostats way, if I were to keep the AT I will have to get a better amp, which, isn't cheap too.  
Bump pictures uploaded.
Awww...don't say that, you know we all love you.   
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