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  Eh Popeyes Chicken (as in Popeye the cartoon)? Pop-eye chicken? Or popcorn chicken? 
Fastfood restaurant in Asian countries seems to be better than the fastfood in US at least. Things might have changed, but back then, fastfood was more expensive than the normal food. I don't like the KFC around here, not very crispy and tasty, but back in M'sia the KFC food was delicious.
  Since you like the Heaven S so much, is the AKG 3003 still staying? I am looking to get some cheaper iems too, and the Heaven C and Heaven S looks very interesting to me.
Do you guys feel that with iems, there are always new iems coming out, be it custom or universal, as compared to headphones.    As a whole, I feel that iems development is always sizzling, and in some ways, always exciting and on-going. Of course headphone development is no less exciting or involving per say, but the iems thread is always whizzing by, and that made me feel that iems development is, in a sense, more volatile as compared to headphones. Of course, I...
  I see. So, potential annoyance with the cable that comes out from the back of the housing. I will note that down.   I usually wear my earphones cable down so it shouldn't annoy me much, as long as it is comfortable and isolate well enough (by well, I mean at least on par or better than acrylic ciem).
Oh my you have the Tea earphone coming in!     I was thinking of getting the Ortofon e-Q5 from Amazon JP, and then I saw the FAD Heaven IV there. I guess I will wait a little bit to see how you think of it.
    As good as the Stax, and I will be happy 
Thanks ljoker. At the price of about $280 (right now $248 on musicaacoustics), the e-Q5 don't look that enticing to me.    But if I buy through Amazon Jp, and use Tenso to forward it to me, the total comes down to less than $200. At that price it becomes much more attractive. I think I can make compromise with whatever possible shortcomings that the e-Q5 might have. I realized while I am on-the-go, there is always environmental noise and I don't need the best...
Anyone here have heard the Ortofon e-Q5? I am going to get it at the end of this week or early next week. Considering the fact that it will only cost me $190 buying from Japan using Tenso, I am leaning towards e-Q5.   The frequency response looks quite ok here: http://sonove.angry.jp/ortofoneq7.html, although I would prefer it to be smoother on the treble. 
    Thanks for the advice. I have narrowed down to the e-Q5, GR-07 and am looking at the Yamaha EPH-100. I don't really like the shape of the dual flange tips though. How do these 3 compare to each other?   I don't have the FX-700 now, but if I have it I might think that it's slightly bassy. And I do have the Ety HF5, which have slightly less bass quantity than what I consider as natural sounding. I am also looking at the RE-272, but I am just worried about the cable...
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