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    I usually disagree with a lot of things Mike says, but on this issue I have to agree with him. 
I had the chance to listen to a VModa Crossfade M80 last week, when one of my friend came over. Got to AB it against the Stax. Well can't really compare them cos' one is over ear and one is on ear.   I have to say though, the M80 really sounds not bad, not bad at all. In fact, rather good. I think the vent at the back helps a lot. Rather linear bass, with a touch of emphasis on the midbass. The earcup doesn't form a very tight seal anyway, so the very low bass isn't...
I like this article. http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/are-objective-headphone-measurements-relevant-audiophiles-subjective-experience   One foot dipped in the objective camp, the other in the subjective camp. I think that works the best.
I really like the Inner Universe which was the original OP song in the anime Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Finally found and downloaded the flac version of it. When the anime was internationally released, they changed the OP to another song, which doesn't really show the spirit of the anime. Call me liberal or radical or whatnot, for me, the idea of having cyborg body, is quite a tingling one.
    I +++ this.   
Per advice of MrQ. I have wisely removed this.   But then again, who would want to have annoying sounds here and there. Hmm...I shall disable it and see how is it.   Ok, tested it. Somehow they don't go well on Chrome, especially when I have tonnes of tabs opened. The tab would flash when loading, and loading time is slowed down significantly...
Reminds me of this     
If you have Adblock or Adblock Plus installed on Google Chrome, it might be the reason why the ads aren't showing up. Try using other browsers, or disabling Adblock.
Hehe, the degradation of language partially caused by youngsters who can't type properly. His condescending attitude is quite annoying, but I didn't bother to read further.   Well, some people like to collect things, earphones, headphones etc, like Romy, and she can do that because she is working and has quite a bit of income. For those who aren't, there isn't much point in collecting iems, especially when the money comes from parents. I agree with you on this. On top of...
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