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  I have used up 600 GB on the OS partition. So I guess I am beyond salvation?    Anyway, I have an old Phenom 955 inside, and an old Radeon HD 6870. I think it will just be better off to build a new comp and go balls out with it, with Ivybridge cpu, GTX 690, 32 GB ram, SSD in raid, etc etc.   Because I use my comp to feed the DAC, and I use my headphone near my computer, I need to be careful when selecting parts so that they make the least noise possible...
  I have a 1 TB drive partitioned so that there is 600 GB to C: (where the OS is) and another 400 GB so data. Is it still possible to clone to the drive? I will need a few SSD in raid, which will cost quite a bit I think.     Please take good care of yourself. I am still young, so don't have much experience with relationships. I was burnt and hurt with my first love a few years ago, and that made me a person that won't commit easily, because if I do I will commit too much...
  It's not cutting out, but the point is Media Monkey doesn't have proper support for some of the file formats, and to be exact it was .dts and .ac3 for me. Try out the Jriver trial version and see how you think of it.
At its best Media Monkey is not as good as the Jriver, I was always using the most up-to-date version. I didn't believe this until I tried the free trial version of it (30 days), then I ended up importing all my music into Jriver. I don't really have a playlist, since I either shuffle my whole collection or just play an album.    I would love to get SSDs, but I don't feel like going through the pain of reinstalling my OS onto the SSD.    The exclusive mode on...
If you run ASIO and have the exclusive mode ticked (somewhere in the settings), it should lock up the playback volume. It does that on my comp at least.    I have since switched to Jriver Media Center. All around a better player than Media Monkey. Much better file format support, especially .dts, .ac3, etc. Faster startup time. Faster file imports.    ASIO on Media Monkey can be buggy at times. Meanwhile Jriver has not given me much problem. Downside is it cost...
Less than 9 posts to become phony Headphoneus, less than 9 days till Diablo III comes out, and less than 5 days until I am done with school, for once and (for all).   Hooray! 
Just saw this on the Fujiya Avic blog: http://avic.livedoor.biz/archives/51662809.html, it's the HM-901.   The UI demo for it is here, http://www.hifiman.com/UIDEMO/, looks quite good but I wonder how good it is against the Ibasso DX 100. I would assume that the DX100 which runs Android will have the upper hand, in terms of UI.
  Eh Popeyes Chicken (as in Popeye the cartoon)? Pop-eye chicken? Or popcorn chicken? 
Fastfood restaurant in Asian countries seems to be better than the fastfood in US at least. Things might have changed, but back then, fastfood was more expensive than the normal food. I don't like the KFC around here, not very crispy and tasty, but back in M'sia the KFC food was delicious.
  Since you like the Heaven S so much, is the AKG 3003 still staying? I am looking to get some cheaper iems too, and the Heaven C and Heaven S looks very interesting to me.
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