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I am back from NY! I gotta take my sweet time and read the last 20 pages or so.   So first things after I came back, due to the way I stored my O2, which applied some pressure on the cable joint, now my left channel is cutting out.    And in my usual fashion, I opened the left driver, and saw that the connection to the bias of left channel is broken. It's connected from the cable to the driver with some sort of metal thin film soldered on both sides. Tomorrow I...
I am getting the Gigabyte GTX 670: and putting off getting an IEM for now.   I have been listening to the loaners from James for some time, and while I like the e-Q7, it glosses over the micro details, which I won't even notice, until I AB'ed it with my Stax. The EX-600 is also quite a good IEM. Although good, it tends to accentuate the "shh" sound. The EPH 100 is decidedly warm and...
It's here. Along with the 4 loaners from James: e-Q7, EX-600, Adagio V, EPH 100.   And after I paid $75, I am officially done with college. Yoohoo!
Some new reviews of a few CIEM that might interest some of you here:
Oh man, I just spent a few hundred bucks taking care of applications and a few things with school. I guess I should just stick with something cheap like the FAD Heaven C or the Vsonic GR-07. On the other hand the school still owes me my reimbursement. That should even things out.      Ahh, another fellow Malaysian. You're under scholarship too? I presume from the Public Services Dept.?
Thanks, Romy <3
Is there any other place to get the TG 334 apart from PriceJapan?
  Actually, I can put up with spending another $400 bucks. We will have to see.    Really gotta hear the UERM and see how it performs on the low end, and hear if the treble is like what Joe have said, a bit sharper than it should. Then again, I can't help but think that Joe has preference towards darker and bassier sound. He likes the SM3 a lot, while I didn't really like it. 
  Sadly, I don't have a reference IEM. I guess what I want is top notch comfort. Comfort beyond comfort. And an IEM that sounds like Stax, a window to music.    Regarding the Canal Works CIEM, actually the resistor is part of the circuit. You can clearly see the connectors: This seems like a blog of Canal Works, and you can see a bunch of resistors that can be...
  The resistor will have to be pretty well matched. Well, actually they wouldn't shift the crossover point that much. From experience though, discrete resistors don't match very well, unless you match them by hand. 
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