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 I built it last year and waited a year before pulling the trigger. Now JPY is going up, I figured I should get one before it goes up more. I used to have the Omega Mk1 with SRM-T1 which was modified by Spritzer, a Stax 507,  LCD-3 and ATH-W3000ANV close to 4 years ago. With the Omega Mk1 I sold the others and never look back. I then sold the Mk1 as I thought that I needed the cash, which eventually I didn't anyway. Ever since I have regretted selling the 007, thus I...
I waited for this for 4 years. Heartfelt thanks to Stax mafias.   I have had much explosions when making the HV, this time I plugged the 009 into it and it.....     exploded into some great music. The downside is, I seem to hear a lot of background details which I hadn't heard before. All the hisses and cracks, all the flaws in the recordings...   The next big purchase would be a better DAC with pre-amp out. Then will be the Soltanus Acoustics ESL speakers, and then...
I don't always post, but when I do.   I have been away for a long time now, since I sold the 007 MkI, which I regretted dearly. So last year I made the HV, albeit with much explosions. I couldn't have completed the build if not for the fact that I received tremendous help from the Stax mafia, specifically Victor Chew. It's another 1 year before I finally made the plunge. I asked my friend who's traveling in Tokyo right now to pick up a pair for me. The last pair in stock...
 There is a 3 dots Braille thingy on the left side, at the front of where it says HD 600. That's how one can differentiate left and right in the dark. I have always been confused until I found the dots.
 Put it this way, I think if I am listening to classicals, or listening to music at a very low volume, I'd prefer the stock green filters. At louder volume where our hearing curves flatten out, I'd prefer the red filters more. With the red filter, the ER4S is still less dark than the HD 600.
I think if one has money, save up and skip all the mid range stuff. Stick with the ER4-S + custom tips and get a pair of Stax SR-009. Listening to electrostats has always been quite the revelation for me.
None of the provided stock tips sound as good as the custom tips, as the bores are too small. Even with custom tips, there are differences. I have two pairs, one with longer bores, one with shorter bores. The one with shorter bores sound better, as it allows a deeper insertion and as a result, has a more spherical soundstage.
I have the same problem. Right side cut out after about 3 months of use. Although build quality isn't that great, their customer service is good and I got a replacement pair.
No not really. Shouldn't be hard to remove the filters using the remover that Ety provided.
OK...I thought the filters come in pairs, but nope you have to buy each of them. Each is each. I bought 3 reds...   The stock filters have plastic housing. The Knowles filters have metal housing. Those things are tiny. Since it's metal it's tougher to put it into the earphones. Some force is needed.   Just started listening, nothing significantly different, perhaps a tinge more warmth, and the bass is a bit more prominent now, compared to the rest of the spectrum.
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